Wednesday, December 30, 2009


(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

We who are Christ's own

Gladly bow the knee to Him,

Not anyone else.

Friday, December 11, 2009

God can save from sickness, too

Just thinking about all the people who have been taught to pray for God's help in overcoming sin,  but how few rely on Him to heal sickness.  Christ Jesus, our Lord and Master, our forever great Teacher, turned constantly to God, and he healed pain, disease, deformity.  And he restored life.  And Jesus told us to go and do likewise, commanded his followers to "Heal the sick."

I will forever be grateful to the teachings of Christian Science that have enabled me, in a measure, to do this.  It is right to seek God's help in sickness, in my view.  And it is efficacious, as well. 
The Bible certainly backs this up. The Old Testament states:  "And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness."  (Deut. 7:15

 The woman who discovered and founded Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, writes:  "To ignore God as of little use in sickness is a mistake.  Instead of thrusting Him aside in times of bodily trouble, and waiting for the hour of strength in which to acknowledge Him, we should learn that He can do all things for us in sickness as in health."  (page l66 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures)

 Christian Science has shown me not only how to ask God to deliver me, but how to do so in confident expectation of healing.  Its teachings, which are in accord with the inspired message of the Bible, reveal the Christianly scientific prayer that Jesus practiced so successfully.  Jesus counseled, "Ask, and it shall be given you."  (Matthew 7:7)  To me, this is more than a human request for the Father's help. It implies a need for a spiritual conviction of our true nature as the loved offspring of God--the beneficiary of His all-powerful care.

Before Christ Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from the grave, he spoke this prayer of spiritual affirmation:  "Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.  And I knew that thou hearest me always."  (John 11:41, 42)  The human picture portrayed hopelessness and grief.  Yet the Way-shower thanked God for being all-powerful and ever-present!  This may have seemed startling.  Jesus didn't turn to God in mere optimism, just hoping He would hear; he knew He would.  His understanding of man's unity with the creator, divine Mind, gave him absolute assurance that God answers every call.

Someone may be saying to himself right about now, "If only I could have God's help for my many health problems!"  Believe me, you can.  Learning to pray as Jesus prayed will save one from asking in vain.  Mrs. Eddy points out, "The Christlike understanding of scientific being, and divine healing includes a perfect Principle and idea, -- perfect God and perfect man, -- as the basis of thought and demonstration."   This is found on page 259 of the book mentioned above.

And speaking of Science and Health, I would say to any man or woman reading my blog for the first time, this is a book that will bring to light for you God's ever-present goodness, His awesome love for you, His ever-available power to heal you.  It will show you how a change in your concept of God and man can bring healing and regeneration in your life.  It will show you how the Bible's promises of health restored are fulfilled.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A healing of poison ivy

I've mentioned this friend before, one who is a new student of Christian Science, who has only been reading Science and Health by Eddy for a few months now.  Some time back, I posted a healing she had had of a spider bite that appeared very serious as she turned to the divine truths contained in this volume.

Well, just heard from her again and the joy was dancing in her eyes.  She dropped by to tell me about a healing after she had been working in their yard clearing brush and had gotten into a bunch of poison ivy.  She told me it was all over her hands, part of her face, and was about to get into her eye.  Her husband said, you need to go get a shot right away.  (This is what she had done in the past before she knew of Christian Science.)  The lady said nothing, but didn't go get a shot.  Instead, she went into her room, took her Bible and Science and Health, began praying, working mentally with many of the statements about God and man/ His ever-with-us  restorative power/the Christ-knowledge Jesus had which the teachings of divine Science give anyone, and so on.    "And do you know what?", she said.  "The poison ivy began disappearing very soon, and in three days not a trace of it was left."  This to her, was remarkable, given what she had endured before.

So, again a proof that Christian Science heals!

Cleaning up our mental atmosphere

Of all the things in Mary Baker Eddy's masterwork, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, one of the statements I have been helped by the most is this:  "Never breathe an immoral atmosphere unless in the attempt to purify it." 

People have asked me how I can post what are often sublime thoughts on something like the Internet.  I had to come to terms with this when I first began posting poetry on the Net, and later opened my first blog, then another, now a third.   Even before blogging, since my name appears under several search engines and some pornographic sites have hitched their wagon to my name in an effort to push their filthy wares ( I deplore this, naturally), still I have resolved to do what I can to put clean material out there.  Yesterday I posted a poem titled "In a sea of smut" which just about sums it up, and the feedback I am getting is heartwarming.  There are many who, like me, are doing what they can to clean up our atmosphere and I applaud every one.

Several years ago I happened to be in Borders looking through the poetry section when what did I spy?  A volume titled "Talking dirty to God"!  Right then and there, I knew I must do something to counter such foul stuff, and not long after, my first book of poems was published, "For love of Christ". 

As I said in a poem on another blog, if just one poor soul who is struggling in a sea of smut is thrown a lifeline by something I and we post, then it is well worth our effort. 

And lastly, I recall my Sunday School teacher, a wonderful Christian Science practitioner saying she had had a call from a man who said to her, "just talk to me about clean things.  The office where I work is filled with gross conversation."  Of course, with the Internet and its downside, it has only gotten worse.  But let us do all we can to purify it.  Especially at this, what should be, a Christly time of year.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

For fear -- the one sure remedy

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

"Fear not," "Be not afraid,"
our Lord and Master taught.
And  Christian Science will help
us do what Jesus said we ought.

For there is no fear in God,
nor in His image, you and me.
Accepting this as gospel truth,
unafraidness we cannot help but see.

Christ-informed and enlightened,
we can have now demonstration
of the fearlesness that belongs to us
as God's own manifestation.
For we are God's and have His Mind.
God-created and encompassed
      --held intact and dear --
there is nothing in God's allness
for any one of us to  fear.

This truth will do what Jesus said it would:

....Expose fear's unreality,
............. Strike off mental chains,
......................Make us feel oh so free!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Living on the Light

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

It has been said that
Poets live on the light of nature.
Well, those who write poems
That speak of things sublime
Have to have that Light divine.
(At least I do)
Having a small part in
Enlightening a world so dark,
                           Is no lark,
For me, it takes ever greater
Staying close to God
To hear what to write,
Relying on His inspiration --
Not my own.

I thank God
I can't do it alone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Mighty One

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

When I take stock of all that
God has brought me through,
I can't help feeling awestruck
At the saving things He can do.

Do with such love and grace,
Which helps me not to fret nor fear --
As Jesus commanded us not to do --
Trusting that every need will be met.

What are some of the things
That I've been delivered from?
Illness, fear, lack, certain injury,
Just to give an idea of some.

Whatever the problem we face,
It is often-proven, undeniable fact,
That our Fahther, the Mighty One
Can bring us through intact.

Foundation sure

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

This warning will always stand:

If we do what Jesus says,

We build on rock.

If we don't,

We build on sand.

Pre-existently Free

Just sitting here this crisp, beautiful first day of December feeling so much gratitude to the woman who discovered and founded Christian Science.  Especially coming to thought are the statements in her writings on the topic of man's pre-existence as God's perfect offspring.  Mary Baker Eddy has some inspired thoughts on this, and I could tell people how many healings I've experienced as I prayed from the basis that we are, in divine reality, pre-existently free.  The following lines I trust will be of help to someone out there in cyberspace.

To longing deep and universal --
"If I could just be free!" --
Is this fact divine and comforting
That all can come to see:
We are and ever have been in
God -- as His perfect child, eternally.
For we are not the slaves of
Influences prenatal or hereditary;
Not helpless before circumstances,
Never under carnal mind curse
For a year, a day, an hour.
These are truths Christ Jesus knew,
And they gave him wondrous power.
This knowledge Christian Science imparts --
Saving knowledge so glorious --
That we're not hemmed in by fleshly starts
But are right now the way He made us.
Fortunate world that there is revealed
Crucial things that all can claim and see,
(Things God has always known)
That now and through all eternity
We are His loved child, His very own --
Immensely blessed and whole and free.

Monday, November 23, 2009

God can solve it

At this season of giving thanks, I especially appreciate what my religion brings out about the allness and oneness of Mind, God and of man as the reflection of this omnipotent, omnipresent Mind.  In so many ways, small as well as in issues of great import, praying from this standpoint has brought solutions to all kinds of daily problems

By turning to God for guidance, by identifying myself as His reflection, realizing that nothing is too hard for Him to figure out, (or too mundane) has enabled me to skip several steps at times and just arrive at the right solution. It can seem almost miraculous sometimes, but there it is.  It has happened time and again.  And experiencing His everpresent know-how and help encourages me to turn more readily to the one Mind when faced with "what do I do now?" when no one is around to help, when I need an answer right away.

The Old Testament has this reassurance many of you will recognize.  "Ah Lord God! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee."
(Jeremiah 32:17)

And our blessed Master, Christ Jesus, certainly turned to his Father and our Father in every last thing.  In words the epitome of humility, Jesus said:  "The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works."  And, the woman who discovered and founded Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that Jesus "claimed no intelligence, action, nor life separate from God."  (page l36)  What a sublime example to look up and strive to emulate.

Without the teachings of Christian Science, would I think of man as the reflection of God, the ever-present, all-knowing Mind?  Would I think of myself in this light?  Would I have the conviction that having no Mind but His I have a constant recourse to God when difficulties arise?  I  can't believe I would.  And so, my heart is filled with gratitude for what my religion has taught me.  I would not want to be without it for the world.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Expect a blessing"... what a wise friend said after I'd come through a hard time.  "You're better off for having passed through the fire."  (You could have fooled me!)  This thought of expecting to be blessed by tribulation was something new.  But I've seen since that what Romans 8:28 says is true, that it does cover me and you.  As Paul put it confidently:  "...all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

So many of us haven't had good handed to us on a silver platter, but when we choose that thing that matters most --  loving and trusting our heavenly Father more, we do emerge from trials with a lasting gain.  To me, it's worth more than gold itself to feel God's presence more, to be turning to Him first when hard-pressed by this or that.  The spiritual (and human) blessings not evident at the time usually, but in retrospect crystal clear.

Mary Baker Eddy (who knew what she was talking about) wrote in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 4l0:  "Every trial of our faith in God makes us stronger.  The more difficult seems the material condition to be overcome by Spirit, the stronger should be our faith and the purer our love."

A high goal this, but one that can steadily be attained.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Jesus Says, Goes

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

It's a sin for one to doubt
That what the Bible says is true.
You must take Jesus at his word
And believe that all he said
Applies specifically to you.
"Son, thou art ever with me,"
(Words so reassuring, words so true)
"And all that I have is thine"*
Ought to make you rejoice.
These wondrous words,
Among so many others,
Are meant just for you.
For you are God's, His very own,
And all the good He has to give --
Just think about it! --
Now belongs to you.

*Luke 15:31

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Staying Safe

With two house break-ins in our very neighborhood this past week, and seeing all the news reports of people doing bad things, I have naturally been giving a lot of prayer to staying safe.  Not only for those I love, but for everyone.  As a neighbor said, not only do I have to worry about going into a bank these days, but now I'm threatened in my own home?

There are things one can do to stay out of crime's way, I have found.  It is to the wonderful assurances of God's care throughout the Holy Bible as well as the teachings of my religion that I have a growing sense of security and freedom to go about my daily life as usual. 

The first verse of the ninety-first Psalm sets forth a solid basis for security in these comforting words:  "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."  I love that image of having a spiritually secure "secret place" right in God's shadow.  And an understanding of man's spiritual selfhood, a recognition of our unity with God,  man's loving Father, enables us to find that "secret place" and dwell in it.

Jesus' conviction of being inseparable from his Father empowered him to demonstrate his dominion over evil.  This is indicated in his words, recorded in John's Gospel:  "He that sent me is with me; the Fahter hath not left me alone."  And as we follow his example to the best of our ability, we, too, can rely on God's powerful protection.  Jesus showed beyond a doubt that the Father never leaves us alone or unprotected; He keeps us continuously secure in His all-seeing, all-present, all-powerful care.

This isn't to suggest that we can blithely go about our daily activities unmindful of circumstances that would threaten our safety.  We need to obey God's guidance in every aspect of our lives if we're to take the right steps to avoid danger in the first place.  Staying safe involves listening for God's directing right through the day.

And in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures its author Mary Baker Eddy writes:  "The history of Christianity furnishes sublime proofs of the supporting influence and protecting power bestowed on man by his heavenly Father, onmipotent Mind, who gives man faith and undestanding whereby to defend himself, not only from temptation, but from bodily suffering."

Through prayer and Christlike living, we gain the wonderful assurance of being safe--wherever we are.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Albert Schweitzer on Humility

(Along the lines of my previous blog post, want to share some beautiful words on the importance of humility written by Albert Schweitzer.--one of my heroes, next to Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy)

"To content oneself with becoming small:  that is the only salvation and liberation.  To work in the world as such, asking nothing of it, or of man, not even recognition, that is true happiness. There are things which one cannot do without Jesus.  Without Him one cannot attain to that higher innocence--unless we look to Him in the disappointments of life, and seek in Him the strength to be childlike and small in that higher sense. Whoever has gone through the world of smallness has left the empire of this world to enter into the kingdom of God.  He has gone over the border as one goes over the border in a dark forest--without taking note of it.  The way remains the same, the surrounding things the same, and only gradually does he realize that whilst everything is familiar, it is different, that life is the same and yet not the same because of the clarity which lights up in him, and because of the peace and strength which have taken possession of him because he is small and has finished with himself.

L'humilite est la gloire de toutest les vertus."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To Esteem Others Above Ourselves*

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

Real heroes conduct their lives
in the way Jesus would applaud.
Never themselves do they laud,
but turn the conversation
to their buddies, to others,
and what great things
they have done, are doing.
Of such stuff is a friend
of my parents--a WWII vet who
fought on Iwo Jima, battle hot,
yards away when the flag was raised,
and world-famous photo taken;
someone highly decorated, praised.
Does this man ever puff himself up?
A firing squad couldn't make him do it.
Willing to give his all for country,
he very nearly did.
And all these years, his
wonderful deeds he has hid.
(Or tried to, but those he
has helped have not.)
Self-sacrificing, Christ-following,
credit to others he gives out,
and takes none for himself.

there are among us
such as he.

*Phil. 2:3

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just thinking...

Before I share some exciting insights that have just been dawning, want to say something about my not taking comments on my blog:  since I identify myself, feel strongly those who have thoughts to express should do likewise.  I understand that with a blog as widely read as this one is, there might be the desire to keep private one's identity.  But the solution to this is, send me an email or call me up.  What you have to say will, of course, be kept confidential.  I would love to hear from you!  And if comments are off the mark ( as some have been) or downright inappropriate, I know how to deal with them. So...

Now, have been thinking quite deeply about something our beloved Master said in the parable known as the Prodigal.  "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine."  As never before, the thought of present tense has stood out.  Is ours right now.  How can our loving Father give to us His children more than all?And just last night was reading some lines from the Christian Science textbook when this jumped out.  I have long known these truths, but obviously on a more intellectual level.  Mrs. Eddy is speaking of error trying to assert its superiority over Truth and she writes:  "I can open your eyes.  I can do what God has not done for you.  Bow down to me and have another god.  Only admit that I am real, that sin and sense are more pleasant to the eyes than spiritual Life, more to be desired than Truth, and I shall know you, and you will be mine.  Thus Spirit and flesh war."  This is on page 530 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

Like a thunderbolt, I saw why of course, the serpent or carnal mind or whatever we wish to call it, is trying to make us think God's work not already done.  That somehow His work is incomplete, that if we only acknowledge another power--slander God in effect--then the good we need will someday, perhaps, come to pass.  This insight alone make Christian Science a treasure to me.

Then, was recalling something an early worker who served in our Leader's household wrote.  Martha Wilcox is well know to many in the Field as a marvelously clear expounder of divine metaphysics, and she said in essence--the reason why students of Science do not get results is that they are praying, working with the thought that what they are knowing will do the job in the future.  They are not praying from the standpoint of God's work being done, of present perfection.  They are not realizing what is the divine fact now and always.

And will give the words of Jesus that back this up.  "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  He did not say, know the error and you will find freedom, did he?

And to add one more statement from the textbook which ties this up better than I ever could:  "Man is God's reflection, needing no cultivation, but ever beautiful and complete."  (page 527)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Oneness with God

All of us who love and revere Christ Jesus probably have those of his sayings that stand out to us.  I know I do.  And being a student of the religion that reiterates the great Teacher's words and words, there are statements in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy that really light me up.

One such is this:  "Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man's oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage."  (page 18) 

This was illustrated to me in a homely incident one day.  I was sitting at a window, looking out on some woods, when I happened to catch a glimpse of a ring in the reflection.  Two were appearing in the glass, yet I knew there was only one there.  This led to much pondering, and it caused me to think more deeply about what that statement I mentioned above.

Then, I recalled something a dear friend in Australia used to say.  He was an ardent student of Christian Science, a poet and sculptor who had served His Majesty's government during WWII.  He said the key thing he held to during the fierce battles was this truth:  God and I are not two, but one, and that one is Him.  I've never forgotten this.  And not surprising, it has blessed me more than once when challenges have arisen that would make me think I'm separated from God.  (Which of course you and I  actually are not.)

This is a topic that will keep unfolding, but what it may be worth to some of you out there in the world, I give it.  To go around believing--erroneously--that yes God is Spirit and All; I believe I'm made in His image, am His child yet am a material being cut off from Him, just will not cut it.  One must come to see what Jesus knew about man's oneness with the Father.  And God be thanked, anyone can.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cyndi and a Spider Bite

I have mentioned this neighbor before and her new experience with Christian Science.  She has been reading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy for some months now and has had some wonderful healings.  Well, yesterday she stopped by and told me about a experience she just had with a spider bite.  She and her husband both thought it was a brown recluse type (whatever they are supposed to be able to do.)  The effects of the bite were quite challenging she said.  Not to go into gory detail, but when her leg showed the skin being eaten into, her husband who is not studying CS was alarmed and thought she should go to the doctor.  But having seen what her budding understanding of God's laws can do, she declined.  "I felt God could take care of this problem, too" she related to me.

She continued the account:  "I turned to my little book (as she calls the Christian Science textbook).  I don't recall just what statement brought my healing, but I could see that the whole episode was only an illusion, not real at all."  Then she pulled up her jeans a bit and showed me the place where she had been bitten.  "See", she said, "nothing at all.  No swelling, not even a red mark!"

Our conversation then turned to her mom who lives in another Tennessee town.  Cyndi had been thinking about sending her a copy of the Eddy book, as she also calls it.  The woman is beset with so many physical problems, my friend said.  It then occurred to me that I might write a very light-touch note to go along with the book.  I told the lady that this book had done wonderful things for me, and then told her about my own mother who just by reading Science and Health was remarkably healed when doctors could do no more for her.

As it is in other cases, Cyndi's mom might not be at all interested in the book.  But having been grateful many times for the kind neighbor who introduced our family to Christian Science, I never let an opportunity go by without doing likewise.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Quick Healing

In yesterday's blog post, I mentioned having experienced many proofs of God's power through my understanding of Christian Science.  It may be helpful to some reader in cyberspace to learn about a specific instance of this.

When we lived in New England, I severely injured my foot.  Right off, I prayed about it along the lines of what my religion teaches.  I kept endeavoring to realize that I was a child of God, divine Mind, that nothing had really happened to separate me from His omnipresent care, and other such spiritual facts.  But I kept remembering the experience of an acquaintance with a similar injury.  This woman was not yet back to full mobility afater a year of medical attention.  The thought of what if this drags on nagged at me. 

Well, one day I was shuffling along on an errand in Needham, taking care to walk on only one part of my foot when...Bam!  A spiritual insight stopped me cold on the sidewalk.  With crystal clarity I saw that the injury and pain were not part of me, had never been part of me.  "Why, I don't have to creep along with this difficulty.  There's no need for gradual improvement.  This never happened to me as God's reflection!"

Instantly, I felt somehting being adjusted physically.  I actually did.  The discomfort disappeared.  While it's hard to put into words, I knew and felt that I was completely healed, right then and there.  I walked on freely and normally.  This healing showed me the mental nature of recuperation.

And it demonstrated to me, once again, the benefits that come to us from knowing something of what Jesus knew about God and about man's relationship to Him.

Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science,writes in "Unity of Good", "Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities (p. 11).  Time does not actually enter into spiritual healing.  Why is this?  Because what appears to be a physical difficulty is, in reality, wholly mental.  It is but a phase of mortal belief, objectified.  As it becomes clear that we're not dealing with a real condition that needs to be changed but only with an erroneous mental state, a misconception of man's true spiritual identity, we stop being a afraid of or impressed with debility.  What appears real to erring human belief is not a reality to man in God's likeness.  It has never been real at all.  Our need, therefore, is always for a change of consciousness from a material to a spiritual basis, to the recognition that God is perfect and that we are His perfect, spiritual reflection -- now and forever.  As my experience demonstrates, this enlightened mental state is then objectified in our life as  normality and freedom.

Psalms points out, "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations."  (90:1)  This is the reason why you and I, in truth, are eternally exempt from suffering of any kind.  We have never been apart from our divine source, God, not even for a moment.  As God's man, dwelling in Him, we are and always have been preserved by His unerring laws of harmony and well-being.  Equipped with this Christly knowledge, we can find quick healing when we need it. 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thanking God

Just sitting on our porch this morning listening to the rain (isn't that a lovely sound?) and as many feelings of gratitude arose, felt I must share them.  What am I most thankful to God for this morning?  For Christ Jesus.  And for the discovery Mary Baker Eddy made of the divine laws that underlay our Master's marvelous proofs of God's omnipotence and care for His creation. 

And here let me make clear to those who aren't followers of the teachings of my religion:  Christian Science in no way transcends nor supplants Jesus' words.  God forbid such a misconception!  No, Christian Science reiterates Jesus' teachings, was founded to perpetuate and extend these life-giving words and works, to encourage reliance on God's mighty healing power, just as Jesus did. 

And what I have experienced in my life as a student of divine Science certainly bears this out.  If I were to merely list the problems that have been met through some knowledge of what Jesus knew about God and man--never mind going into detail about these experiences--I would be blogging for a long time.

Suffice it to say, what I have enjoyed through the years -- a practical, right-at-hand help when God's power was needed -- is free for anyone out there in the world to obtain.  And a good place to start on learning more of what our beloved Saviour understood of divine laws is available through "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."  It is Mary Baker Eddy's masterwork, and what it can do for any person's health and well-being has to be experienced to be believed.

Monday, October 5, 2009

How Like a Courier

(c)  By:  Sharon Slaton Howell

In olden times...

A King would have a
message he wished delivered,
and without hesitation,
faithful courier would
see that it was done.

In our times...

what a privilege to be
serving the King of All,
to bring about something
so dear to His heart --
the honor of His Son.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Saved to the Utmost

Some things just must be shared.  And with the wonderful access the Internet provides for reaching all over the world, have decided to post the following words about Master, Christ Jesus.  Was just reading the New Testament--am going straight through--and came some words from Hebrews I must have read before.  But this time, they seemed to jump right off the page, and I thought, what if someone out there in cyberspace has never encountered this divine promise before and it changes their lives?  What am I blogging for if not this?

Speaking of someone being reached in a beneficial way, last night I was looking through the Wall Street Journal and happened on a piece about some country and western singer who can write songs that change people's lives. Just think how much more the words God gave His faithful servants can transform any one's life, I said to myself.  And so, I'm passing along something Paul wrote.   I believe this with all my heart and being,  would take this on faith alone just because of who said it.  But having experienced Christ's interceding in my life in so many ways--some extremely challenging--I know Christ can save every last one us to the utmost.

Speaking of the Son of God, Paul states:  "...he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them."

 I am certain someone in this world of ours is going to have his or her life changed by this glorious statement. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

From Whence Nature's Beauty?

Some time ago a friend here in Tennessee asked if I would take a look at some of his poems.  Which I agreed to do.  One in particular extolling the glories of the nature scene that had inspired him had this thought:  what was the cause of such beauty?  He didn't know, but it gave me an opportunity to gently bring our Creator into the picture.  I trust my notations opened thinking to a larger view of the question.

Of course, people can admire the loveliness they see around them every day and never give God a nod.  But for those of us who cannot go for a walk, see a stunning sunrise or sunset, look up at the starry heavens, marvel at the changing seasons, rake colorful autumn leaves, or in my case, hike in the Great Smokey Mountains without feeling a sense of awe, the Father of all things is always in the picture for us.

As well He should be.  One could give verse after verse from the Holy Bible connecting God to the glorious gifts we see all around us.  And I personally feel that He should be given the credit for such bounty.  Even the soft, cool breeze we had here yesterday conveyed Him to me.  I could feel His presence all around.

The woman who discovered and founded my religion, Christian Science, has this interesting statement from her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", page 477:  "The Indians caught some glimpses of the underlying reality, when they called a certain beautiful lake 'the smile of the Great Spirit.'"

As one of Elvis Presley's gospel songs points out, how can any one view a gorgeous sunset and think there is no God? 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Master An Afterthought?!

Didn't think I'd have anything to blog about today, but seems I do.  In contrast to the heartwarming conversation I had with someone yesterday morning, an afternoon phone call brought something quite different.  Was talking to a long-time Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner about things religious and the challenges our world faces today whereupon at the close, I fell silent for a moment.  In the context of what we were talking about, something was missing.  She and I have been friends long enough, that very quickly she realized why the pause on my part, and added, "Oh, and Christ Jesus" ! 

As  sad for her as I felt, it was clear she gave a nod to our Lord and Saviour only because she was talking with me.  Just wasn't in her heart or thought.  Did I say anything?  No, because it could well be I have not presented Christ winningly enough (probably the case).  Or she is just not feeling the need to take Jesus seriously yet. 

So, in such cases, one just moves on doing what one must do.  I couldn't help thinking about the dear friends I have who are devoted Christians who, if I were to say, "Now, don't leave Christ Jesus out of things" would be supremely insulted.  When someone has love for God's Holy Child uppermost, it speaks loud and clear, even if there are no words.  God be praised there are such as these.

Could end this posting with so many strong statements from the Bible and from the teachings of Christian Science.  But will just say, for those who read this and may be at a pivotal, receptive point in their lives, consider this soberly:  our Master cannot be just tacked on, cannot be merely an afterthought.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Attitude Toward Jesus

It is always deeply rewarding to hear from someone we are helping in matters spiritual, to get the news
I just got!  I mentioned a friend who is yearning to feel God's love more.  Well, this earnest Christian Scientist just told me, "I have a new attitude toward Jesus.  I feel more progress than I've felt in a long time." Such a joy for me to hear, and for this person to be experiencing.

Whereupon I shared something I came across years ago, written by a British Bible writer and commentator,
I guess one would describe David Lloyd-Jones.  He was focusing on the Sermon on the Mount and he wrote substantially:  if you want to experience spiritual TNT in your life (he was writing years ago), then want to obey something you read in these sublime teachings, begin doing just something Christ says to do.  You will see changes you cannot imagine right now.   You will be tapping into awesome power.  And the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, certainly stressed the power of these "sublime" teachings in her statement that this Sermon read each Sunday from the pulpit and lived during the week would be enough for Christian practice, in her opinion.

In my humble way, I can attest to the truth of what these authorsl have stated.  Even the desire to carry out God's requirements,  followed by the smallest effort on our part, will begin transforming any one's life.   This constitutes a divine adventure that only gets better and better--for the genuine student of Christian Science who has the deepest reverence for Christ Jesus.  And for those who don't yet have the attitude toward the Master they need to adopt as soon as possible.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Not Grieving Our Father

Picture this, I said to a friend who so wants to feel God's presence more in his life, really wants to feel himself a loved child of God: when I was a little girl, was fortunate in having a daddy who loved me and to the best of his limited income, met the needs of his family. Now, what if I had doubted this love, felt he wasn't to be trusted to take care of me, turned aside to others when I had a problem.  Can you imagine how this would have grieved my human father?

And yet, when we doubt Jesus' assurances of our heavenly Father's love for us, it is much like this. To reject our Saviour's teachings as passe is a slap in our Father's face, is it not? How can we please God when we are, in effect, turning our back on Him by dismissing the glorious promises He gave to His Son to give to us? I read once that God is not going to force Himself upon us, that we have to be willing to turn to Him for all the blessings He awaits to pour out on us. And how do these infinite blessings come to us? Only through taking Christ at His word, only through accepting wholeheartedly what Jesus came to reveal to mankind.

And this leads to an all-important point: we have to accept that God's love applies to us individually.  We have to believe that God's love covers us, covers you and me--not just people generally.  I well recall when it finally dawned on me that all the wonderful statements I had read for years about God's love and care covered me.  I had just come out of a phonebooth in Wellesley, MA from calling to see if my husband's plane was on time, to meet him at the train station when like a thunderclap, I saw:  why these promises mean me!  God really will help me.  I am worthy of His help -- me, myself and I.  Of course, words can't describe what that felt like, but I wanted to skip down the street with the joy of it all.

Life has not been the same after this, and I would say to any person reading this:  keep at it until the same heavenly sense dawns on you.  It will bring blessings you can only imagine. Some things have to be taken on faith, because of Who it is that said it.  And if the Father's love for you  is one of them, take Jesus' words on faith until they light up your life.  God has made it crystal clear through His beloved Son whom He wants us to heed.

A New Phase

Have been thinking since my posting yesterday, and it feels to me that this blog is entering a new phase--one in which customary comments from you are not quite appropriate. Why is this? Because I may well be writing things that are better discussed one on one, as in privately between us. Not that topics have not been serious before. But what is coming feels different to me.

The beauty of having a blog like this is that it frees me to go full speed ahead with encouraging all who read this blog--whether followers of my religion or not -- to believe what Christ Jesus said applies to themselves.

So, go to my next posting for an interesting conversation I just had with a student of Christian Science...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A King That Loves Us!

I really really don't know how this is going to turn out, but it must be shared. It will no doubt have to be gone over many times, but the key thing for me always is when I am inspired by some spiritual insight, to get it out quickly.

As the title indicates, I've been thinking about the King of the Universe, our heavenly Father, God. An earlier blog post spoke to this topic when I described a visit I had with a wonderful Christian Science practitioner in Boston, at a low point in my life. As I left his office, he said, "Never forget, you are the daughter of the King." Of course, at that time it went primarily past me, but I did think about it later. It began to take on force.

And more recently, when I received a lovely, gracious reply to a book I mailed abroad -- from her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II -- I've been pondering this a lot. We had been delighted with the PBS series on life at Buckingham Palace, especially the scenes of this most admirable lady with her adorable little Corgis, and I had written her about this. I couldn't help thinking about being children of someone who could, and no doubt does, give her children all good things. I expounded on this in my thinking to reflect on Whose children we are--the King of Kings. Naturally, the infinite blessings that accrue to us because we are God's offspring, we all know. Or should know. But only last evening, the most marvelous insight dawned: that not only are we sons and daughters of the King; this King loves us! Words cannot do justice to what this is making me feel. It is, to me, the whole ballgame.

To go back as a student of Christian Science for many years, I along with too many others, have agreed with the statements of truth that my religion brings out. Uplifting, healing truths about our oneness with God, good. And I've had so many proofs of what this spiritual understanding (in the small degree I have of it) can do for any person. But there was always something missing, and that was that I myself felt really loved of God. I knew intellectually I must be, but just didn't feel it sufficiently. And problems of course arose from this insufficent sense of His everpresent love, this lack of conviction of what Jesus stated.

Now what I'm going to address will prove stirring to many of my readers. But it must be said. And as many who are not Christian Scientists can attest, their own religion probably has many who are not taking Jesus at His word, who do not believe the eternal things He brought out about God's love for us, about God being willing to give us the kingdom. And this doubt of our Lord and Saviour, this considering rather obsolete what He came to teach us, has caused great suffering. As well it should.

But right now, I am focusing on followers of my own religion, too many of whom are just not getting the blessings and healings they should from Christian Science. I, for some time now, have been coming to a clear grasp of why this is so. Just the other day, someone I am helping in the practice said she had never once in her life felt God's love for her. This almost shocked me. But sadly, think of how many could say the same thing.

If what I've written here causes even one of you out there to get Christ Jesus back in first place where He belongs, then mission accomplished. I will post something here that will not be pleasant to some of you, but here goes. After all, it is my blog. Samuel Greenwood, one of the most sublime writers on Christian Science I have ever encountered (next to its Discoverer and Founder of course), said in an earlier address: "I think Christian Scientists need to be on guard, lest they let their thought of Jesus slip into the background. It is a fatal mistake to relegate Jesus to a secondary place, in the divine plan of human salvation. Christian Science is not another kind of Christianity; it is the same one."

This man whose writings all glow with love for Jesus, began the study of Christian Science in Canada at the end of the 19th century when he was almost blind from a problem. He was an accountant and had to leave his work because of failing eyesight. He sat for years in a mainly darkened room. One day, a neighbor told him about Mary Baker Eddy's book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", the reading and pondering of which was healing many. He got the book, read it with what little sight he had left and was marvelously healed. He couldn't do enough to help others find the freedom he had found. He began a little church there in Victoria, became a practitioner and teacher and wrote a multitude of wonderful articles that are blessing many to this day.

Now, to close this, two things: Believe Jesus' promises with your whole heart and soul. Feel God's amazing love for you. And as this is going to be controversial I already know, will not post comments on this one. Call me or email with whatever you wish to air. This will treat as private what will be probably very interesting reactions to this.

God bless you all.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Language Universal

(Just reflecting this afternoon on how with love in our hearts, others' hearts are reached--no matter the differences in the languages we speak. Hope this poem captures some of what I was thinking.)

A Language Universal

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

People may not understand
the words we may say.
But with love in our hearts,
they feel, he, he's okay.
(Or she.)

Christian warmth toward others --
what barriers this does span.
It's a language universal
that all instantly understand.

It was the love in Jesus' heart
that made his hearers yearn
to hear more, to follow this man;
that caused them from sin to turn.

So, wherever in this world
I may happen to go or be,
radiating more Christ-love
is the vital work for me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Loving Our Supposed Enemies

Loving Our Supposed Enemies

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

"Do you really want to be free?"
a Christian Scientist said to me,
upon hearing my tale of woe,
about a fellow worker who tormented me so,
who, I felt sure, got up each day
to place obstacles in my way.

"Of course I do", I finally said.
"Then, 'Love your enemies' can't just be read:
it is for you the only way out."
So this difficult task I set about,
not without many a struggle and tear.
But, quite a change within the year.

Lesson through all this acquired?
Attention to what Jesus says required:
not enough to be Christian only in name.
And by the time her retirement came,
this lady and I were such good friends.

And so, this true story ends.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poem From a Friend

Was talking to a longtime and dear friend yesterday, John Wellsman, about the practice of Christian Science. He happened to share the following little poem, which I have his permission to share with my readers. A friend gave it to him when he was reading in a church in New Jersey. She didn't know the author, nor do we. But if the one who penned this sees this blog, let us know.

Whatever fears have dimmed the years,

However deep the scars,

to Him thou art as perfect now,

as when He formed the stars.

This is so simple, yet speaks to a powerful truth I have gained from being a student of Christian Science and learning some of what our great Saviour knew about God and man and what I believe Jesus came to show mankind. And what is this? that you and I are God's own child, His very likeness, that we are as perfect and intact now as when He created us. I can attest to more than one healing from understanding and praying from this spiritual standpoint--perfect God and perfect man being the very basis of demonstration in divine Science. And just one statement from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy has helped me time and again in realizing my freedom from some difficulty:

"The relations of God and man, divine Principle and idea, are indestructible in Science; and Science knows no lapse from nor return to
harmony, but holds the divine order or spiritual law, in which God and all that He creates are perfect and eternal, to have remain unchanged in its eternal history." (pages 470, 471)

The non-Christian Scientists who read my blog may well find this startling, too good to be true. Nevertheless, it is. And God be praised that He is holding us intact in our perfect state, I say.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Influential Helper

The tiny saying contained in the fortune cookie had a thought-provoking statement: "The respect and help of influential people will soon be yours." While amusing to read these things sometimes, these words pointed me in the direction of Scriptural truths. It made me thankful for the teachings of the Old and New Testaments. And for the writings of the woman who discovered and founded my religion--Mary Baker Eddy.

Everyone I suspect yearns for a fulfilled, fruitful life in expressing his or her abilities. It is so gratifying to be at work in something that is helping the world be a better place for others. And the beauty of it all is that as God's offspring, we all can enjoy the assistance of an Influential One. In a sense, we are in business with Him, and who could ask for a helper with more know-how and resources?

II Colossians 9 has this marvelous promise which one is wise to take to heart: "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work."

And at the highest possible level, our Lord and Master states in his parable known as the Prodigal Son: "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine." (Luke 15) We can't desire more than all. And we know that if Jesus said it, it is true--for all time and for every single individual who follows his commands faithfully.

And lastly, I love these words from one of Mrs. Eddy's messages to her church in Boston: " assured you can never lack God's outstretched arm so long as you are in His service."

Isn't it comforting to realize you and I have such a Friend to help us succeed in all right endeavors!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lights in This World

Lights in This World

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

How inter-connected we
all are, in a sense;
a next-door neighbor from
Brisbane, Australia named Gabby;
a new on-line friend in
Brisbane, Australia with
a family member named Gabby...
And thinking about the world's
citizens and how one we are,
the light that Christ gives
comes stsrongly to thought,
particularly Jesus' words that
"I am the light of the world:
he that followeth after me
shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life."
(John 8:12)
Picture this, if you will:
an ocean of darkness, and
someone lights one tiny candle.
All that blackness simply
cannot put it out,
which brings me to doing
what you and I do --
working to perpetuate
Christ's teachings.
We may be --
no, we're going to be --
somewhere in this
vast, wonderful world,
a light in someone's darkness.
We can count on it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friendship in Christ Jesus

Friendship in Christ Jesus

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

One of life's blessings
has just got to be
knowing others who
love Christ Jesus fervently.

To travel along life's path
with those who love the Word,
those who above all else
want to be worthy of the Lord;

this brings to each day
the joy of realizing that
we're not in the fight alone,
but are allied with those growing

in a desire to be of service
where it matters most;
these friends who yearn to be
filled with the Holy Ghost

that our Saviour's work go on
and increase more and more --
that those in need of Him
may be touched to the core.

These special men and women
we may not in person greet.
But we are united nonetheless,
and in thought and heart do meet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

FYI Readers

Eventually my second blog will be listed under search engines, I would imagine, but for
anyone who wishes to visit same, the address is:

Opened for the primary purpose of sharing poems and thoughts on nature, as well as God's creatures, great and small.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Angel Helpers

An interesting experience this morning while sitting outside with one of our dogs, enjoying the soft breeze and the scent of our neighbor's roses wafting in the air. Had the distinct sense that if I turned around, would see someone. A quiet feeling of a benign Presence. In fact, occurred a couple of times this morning. And given all the Scriptures bring out about angels, why should we not have this lovely feeling of being surrounded by invisible helpers? And though I had a solid experience of this while living in another city years ago, haven't spoken of it much. But did put it in my book, "And Angels Smile". Am giving it below for whatever help it may give some reader somewhere in the world.

Walking Down Huntington Avenue
(Boston, Massachusetts)

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

That angels can take the form of men,
I can attest.
For one day such a Being
Walked along with me.
It was some years ago now,
But as real and tangible
As you are, dear reader.
Whether male or female
I couldn't say.
But immensely tall and powerful it was.
Yet oh so gentle and reassuring.
And what others have said
About that dazzling white is true.
For its garment I could see
Out of the corner of my eye
As the angel walked behind my
Left shoulder -- the whitest white
I had ever seen.
What did it mean? Was I in danger?
I still do not know.
Perhaps someday I shall.
But that angels do appear as men
Is indisputably true.
Angels looked after Jesus.
And they take care of me and you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Christ's Followers And Dignity

Was talking with someone this morning, and do I dare say it, a fellow student of Christian Science who mentally checked out on me when it came to meaty issues--namely the need to put Christ Jesus in first place in our lives, let Christ have the limelight and not be pushed off the stage by other things. I hung up the phone, reflecting on this. The following lines seem to me to bear on this vital topic, and are shared for what they may be worth to someone out there in cyberspace.

Christ's Followers And Dignity

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Sometimes, not always, I can see
we walk a very fine line
when dealing with those
uninterested in things divine.

While we would crawl in the dirt,
or gladly mop the floor
for the Master we're devoted to,
groveling Jesus would deplore.

This is not to say we
loving our neighbor neglect.
But Christ empowers His servants
to keep their self-respect.

How often when dealing with mankind,
we hear God clearly say,
thus far and no farther; are to stay.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Blog Worth Checking Out

When one runs across a website dealing with Christian Science topics, and finds to his (in my case, her) delight, that it is unusually well-written, deeply thoughtful, and faithful to the teachings of the Bible and the writings of our Leader, it is something one wants to recommend to other searchers after inspiration and support.

This blog is read by people all over the world--I'm blessed that this is so--and you folks have a treat in store with the essays being posted on the blog I'm recommending for your perusal. The name is "The Broken Net" and it is get-at-able under most search engines. You don't even need to put quotations in the title, I have found. Or you may use this address:

This blogger is obviously a serious follower of our dear Master, Christ Jesus, as well as a committed Christian Scientist who is trying to do two things, in my view: help others demonstate God's all-power as Jesus did, and wake up the Field so that one not end up in a "state of semi-individuality, with a mental haziness which admits of no intellectual culture or spiritual growth." This is found in Prose Works, The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany by Mary Baker Eddy.

(To my Readers: As you will have noticed, I've decided to reinstate comments, subject to moderation. Will see how this works out for us all.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

A New Life, Starting Now

Just received a letter from a prisoner in Georgia who got my address from the Journal. He told me a bit about what caused him to be incarcerated and his desire to learn more of Christian Science. Am sending him a copy of a poem from one of my books, And Angels Smile. Thought I'd share it with my readers out there in cyberspace as well.

A New Life, Starting Now

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

You've done bad things;

You were seduced by the world,

And you're sorry you let yourself be.

But don't despair:

It's not too late for you.

You can begin again,

Wipe your slate clean.

Say to God right now,

And in your heart mean,

From this time on,

I intend to live my life

To honor Your Holy Son.

And look what awaits you:

"If any man be in Christ,

He is a new creature."

(II Cor. 5:17)

"Any man, the Bible says.

And that my friend --

Now right with God --

Covers you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Safe--Wherever We Happen To Be

An acquaintance in Europe recently asked, "Don't you feel you're living in the wild west these days?" Given the news about all the gun deaths here in the US, it isn't hard to see how many can think this.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post: feeling, and being, safe no matter what the circumstances may be. It is comforting to learn we don't have to live with uneasiness, insecurity. We don't have to give in to fear for our well-being, for the well-being of those we love. Why is this? Because there is a reliable source of protection, and that is understanding God's ever-presence and man's inseparability from God.

For centuries, men and women in dangerous situations have turned to the Bible for promises of God's care. For example, Psalm 139 declares God's unbounded "everywhereness": "Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me" (verses 7-10). And here's another promise: "The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders" (Deut. 33:12).

Of course, the five physical senses report that we're not always sheltered in God's care, that we can find ourselves somewhere He is not. But to mankind's everlasting benefit, Christ Jesus showed that this is not the case. Example: an angry mob once led him to the top of a hill with the violent intent of throwing him off. "But he passing through the midst of them sent his way," we read in Luke.

"But this is Jesus you're talking about!' someone may be thinking. "Little wonder he was able to escape harm!" Nonetheless, what our Lord and Master knew and proved of God and man, any one can discern, understand, and put to daily use.

Christian Science has helped me through the years do this. Following are just some of the truths one discovers from its teachings:

--Man is spiritual, the beloved child of his Maker, divine Mind, never for a moment separated from God's all-encompassing care.

--God is the only power, the all-wise, all-directing and all-seeing divine Mind. You and I (and everyone else in the world) are actually God's offspring, and so we must all continuously reflect His control.

--Our heavenly Father maintains us in perfect relation to Himself. And to each other. Knowing this helps us stay out of the range of accident or conflict, and in fact, it helps prevent such situations. As stars fixed in their courses move harmoniously, so the ideas of God, Spirit, move harmoniously in His orbits. God's orbits are spiritual, as are the movements of His ideas.

As Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (page 522): "Existence, separate from divinity, Science explains as impossible."

It's a wonderful thing to realize that we can't be out of God's presence, and so are safe--wherever we happen to be.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Thoughts on the Gates/Crowley Flap

By now most people are aware of the White House "summit" to defuse the tension between black Harvard professor, Henry Louise Gates and the white Boston policeman, Sergeant James Crowley. What transpired in their meeting isn't really known--at least by me--nor do I know all that the two said to each other on that unfortunate night a couple of weeks ago. But at minimum, there may well have been rude behaviour on the part of both men. And this episode has caused me to think about dealing with such circumstances, with which I've had some practice. I've been on the receiving end of rude comments and actions. And I've certainly have been on the sending end of same. Not to my credit, of course.

But the purpose of this blog is to say how thankful I am to have Christ Jesus' injunctions come to thought at times like these and defuse potentially explosive situations. Replacing a I'm-going-to-settle-this-right-now attitude with peacemaking isn't always easy. Initially satisfying to try to handle things oneself, but that's not what God requires. And for the earnest follower of Jesus' teachings, there is only way to go. No one can say the Christian warfare is not glorious.

One experience comes to mind. When we lived in New England, had to deal with lots of snow. We didn't mind shoveling. But after having cleaned up our long driveway, thinking we were through for the day or the night, our next-door neighbor would finish his driveway by flipping snow at the end of ours! Unnecessary work for us, and a thoughtless thing to do. At first, we tried marching next door and confronting the neighbor. This did not work. It only made things worse and finally got to a stalemate. Both sides were disgruntled. Not that either party was going to have the handcuffs slapped on, but something obviously had to be done since there was going to be plenty more snow to dispose of.

Being students of the Bible and of Christian Science, both my husband and I began doing serious praying about this. Can't say precisely what truths he worked with, but learning over many years my Christian duty to love one's neighbor, and practicing that whenever possible, gave me spiritual strength. Jesus' response to persecution was especially helpful--"Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not" (I Peter 2:23). This kept me from going next door or phoning the man once again.

And in the textbook of Christian Science was this helpful statement: "When we realize that there is one Mind, the divine law of loving our neighbor as ourselves is unfolded; where a belief in many ruling minds hinders man's normal drift towards the one Mind, one God, and leads human thought into opposite channels where selfishness reigns." (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 205)

Praying from the standpoint that the one Mind was governing and loving all, and that this was the intelligence we all reflected, began turning things around. Pleasant words were exchanged when we met. The neighbor stopped piling snow on our property. And believe it or not, we actually found ourselves offering to help him shovel!

In the long--and the short--run, dealing with discord Jesus' way is better. And it works.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How God Does Direct

Recently a blogger in middle England happened to tell me, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful state. And so I am. And in thinking about what we owe to God for His wonderful leadings in life, thought I'd share the following poem, which has been published in a Tennessee state [publication, and in one of my poetry books. One never knows who may be searching for a lovely place to live.

The People of Tennesee

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

We never expected to see
The amazing creativity
Of the people down here.
(I say "down" being we
Came from Boston.)
Such diverse talent!
Behind every rock and tree
(It almost seems)
One is delighted to find
An artist of some kind --
Sculptor, photographer, painter,
Writer, poet, musician, craftsman --
Folks just doing what they
Were born to do,
Or those who get an idea
And just go out and do it.
How can one state have
So many with such ability?
Perhaps it's the air, or the water
Or the gorgeous scenery.
Anyway, if this wasn't enough,
Added to all the productivity
Is the warmth and hospitality
Southerners are noted for.
When all is said, Tennessee
Is sure one nice place to be.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Priceless Knowledge to Have

Sitting here this Sunday afternoon unusually aware of what I owe to the teachings of Christian Science, thought I'd share a poem written years ago and published in my first volume of poetry, "For Love of Christ"...


(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

To longing deep and universal --
"If I could just be free!" --
Is this fact divine and comforting
That all can come to see:
Man is and ever has been in
God -- His perfect child, eternally.
For we are not the slaves
Of influences prenatal or heriditary;
Not helpless before circumstances,
Never under carnal mind curse,
For a year, a day, an hour.
These are truths Christ Jesus knew,
And they gave him wondrous healing power.
This Christly knowledge Science imparts --
Saving knowledge so glorious --
That we're not hemmed in by fleshly starts
But are right now the way He made us.
Fortunate world that there is revealed
Crucial things that all can claim and see,
(Things God has always known)
That now and through all eternity
We are His loved child, His very own --
Immensely blessed and whole and free.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daughter of the King

There are people in our lives who have blessed us greatly. And one I'm thinking of is a Christian Science practitioner who was of inestimable help in meeting life's challenges. And something he said to me one day when I was in his Boston office telling him my latest tale of woe, I've shared with a friend. This lady would like to write poetry to honor Christ but feels inferior to other people. The following poem resulted from our discussion.

Daughter of the King

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

You say you wish you had the
talent some other people do,
that you feel not confident,
sadly, not able to do.
Take God at His Word;
His tender love includes you.
No need to press your
pretty face to windowpane,
wishing you had the ability
and self-confidence others do.
You are now within the Father's house,
and all the good there belongs to you.
Refuse to doubt: accept with all your heart,
that what the Bible says is true.
God loves to bless His children all.
And all you need to give Him praise,
He can easily give to you.

"...Son, thou art ever with me"
(words so reassuring,
words so true)
"and all that I have is thine."
Christ Jesus

Rejoice! This wondrous truth
is meant for His daughters (and sons),
and let me stress, this means you.
As someone said to me years ago,
"Why, you're a daughter of the King.
Never forget this."
Did this make me sing.
And so, my lovely friend,
express what's in your heart.
Your heavenly Father/King
can help you start.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cathedral of the Trees

Cathedral of the Trees

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

I've had my share
of inspired, holy moments,
worshiping in a church
made of wood and stone.

But I do believe,
on a bench on the edge
of a still and lovely forest,
I am quite near the divine.
I sit here uplifted, all alone --
(except for the One
Who made all this, of course.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Bonus That Goes With Obedience

A Bonus That Goes With Obedience

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Let a person actually get down
to business about obeying
anything Christ Jesus requires
and one is going to be tested.
So, get yourself rested
I tell myself,
ready for temptation
to revert to former ways.
No sooner had I taken Jesus' words
in Matthew 12:36 to heart,
(translation to me: do not gossip!)
than along came our neighborhood's
chief tearer of tearing others down,
with the latest juicy bit.
But God be praised, this time around
Satan's bait was resisted;
didn't even want to take part,
kept my comments on topics good.
How grand it felt to escape sin,
and act the way I should.
The strength, of course
was not my own --
it was HIS.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Greed Not Good

Just now read Paul Krugman's excellent column in today's New York Times, and couldn't help thinking about--and being grateful for--words of our Lord and Master, Christ Jesus. As most people around the world know, Krugman is a Nobel prize-winning economist and he continues to point out dangers in the banking industry. Goldman Sachs' back to business as usual, it seems, is the latest worrisome trend.

Anyway, these warning words from our Wayshower seem right to the point. If only mankind would pay attention!

Luke 21:34 is spot on: "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting..."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's Between Us and God?

There was Howard's smiling face when we walked into the restaurant we visit regularly. Because of a previous conversation about religion (he's a very sincere Christian man), I was armed with a quotation from the textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. It's from page 332 where she states: "As Paul says, 'there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus'". I handed the piece of paper to him, and said, this may put your mind at ease. We had discussed not having anything between us and our heavenly Father, and we could tell he was misinformed about what Christian Scientists believe about the Discoverer and Founder of our religion.

As we sat there and visited with him (things were slow at that early lunch hour) I felt led to say, "But Howard, think of all the people who have drugs between themselves and God. " We talked about Jackson's demise and his documented way-over-dependence on prescription drugs. I could see Howard was thinking about this aspect of worshipping--not God--but chemical substances.

This is a vast topic and one that could not adequately addressed over lunch. Or even in this blog. But the upshot is, for me, increased appreciation for the teachings of Christian Science that have enabled me to live free of reliance on drugs/pills/medicine for my physical and mental health. I can never thank God enough for that neighbor who spoke to my despairing mother whom doctors had given up on, about what Christian Science might be able to do for her. It did! And I am the beneficiary of what she learned about God's healing power in our lives.

Is living in fear of, what if I can't afford my 14 prescriptions each day, actually living?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why No Comments Presently

A friend in Seoul asked me, "why are you blocking comments on your blog?" As my readers know, I am reachable via 2 different email addresses when they wish to comment on something I've posted. But this system is working better for me in this way: people who are sympathetic to my activities do not feel constrained to post a favorable comment, to be a cheerleader for me before the world, as it were. And I personally feel freer not being complimented too effusively. Yes, this is true! The rather hostile sentiments that were sometimes posted before I blocked them were not the problem: criticism I'm accustomed to given the work I'm in. Commitment to Christ Jesus and Christian Science does stir some people up, and they will, and have, hit out at me because of it. So, that I can take and even respond to when necessary. But leaving out the sometimes too personal element feels the right step for me, for now. And I can imagine for friends and acquaintances, as well.

As I've said, there are ways to reach me -- or And for those of you who are being in touch, happy to hear from you, always.

The Joy of Blogging

And besides bringing joy personally speaking, I find it's so liberating. To be able to come in here and send off some bit of inspiration or sentiments about this or that current topic is one of the blessings of the Internet, in my view. And commenting on fellow bloggers' offerings in various parts of the world is rewarding, with some new friendships being formed. For years while restricted to being published in the print media (was grateful for the outlet, of course--in most cases, that is), it's the difference between night and day to send out thoughts immediately, as many as I have time and inspiration to get together. And with no one to say, such and such doesn't measure up to our standards.

So topping my list of things to be thankful for today -- blogs. If you don't yet have one of your own, think about getting one. Being free to express what you feel just may expand your horizons more than you imagine.

This Woman I Admire*

(The following is from my book of poems, "Heaven Where We Are" and since new visitors throughout the world are stopping by this site all the time, thought I'd post it below.)

This Woman I Admire*

Rather than just retire,

Her heart on fire

To reach others with

What had set her free

From years of suffering --

God's divine method of healing --

She prayed and toiled, leaned on God,

Wrote down what He revealed.

This lady loved Christ Jesus

More than all the world, she said.

And her lifework to make clear

What he knew about God and man

Has made Christ's words and works

Understandable and potent for me.

*Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder

of Christian Science

Sunday, July 12, 2009


And following right along on that excellent segment with Paul Solman on Jim Lehrer the other night, these thoughts that might offer spiritual light and hope to some reader.


(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

One may have abilities
he would like to share.
He may wish to contibute
to society's welfare.

But he puts aside his aspiration
because he doesn't see the way.
And he just sits around,
waiting for a better day.

Sooner or later we learn
it's too much self blocking good--
keeping us from doing
what we otherwise could.

But putting God's demands first
will produce the needed fruits;
one will find himself serving
in an area that better suits.

When done for Christ's glory,
both he and others gain.
When done unselfishly,
the work he does will remain.

Our forever Master
gives us guideline sure.
It will help any of us
have motivation more pure.

"If any man serve me"
Jesus does assure,
"him will my Father honour"* --
this for frustrated hopes a cure.

We then no longer sabotage
our highest good,
by doing what the tempter
tells us we should.

We're empowered to
put out of thought "me",
and our great King
is honoured increasingly.

*John 12:26

Cutting Through the Gloom

After seeing a segment on the Lehrer News Hour the other evening about former executives trying to find a job and feeling way down about no follow-ups to their efforts, the following lines came to thought. Perhaps some thought therein will give readers in similar circumstances a lift.

Cutting Through the Gloom

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Nothing cures depression
I have found
like thanking God
for everything around.

When news or who-knows-what
begins to get me down,
I thank Him and my joy
begins to rebound.

And before I know it,
by expressing gratitude,
I find very soon
a whole new attitude.

Giving way to thanks giving
makes the day much brighter;
it lifts mental darkness,
makes the step much lighter.

And more -- being grateful
is infectious I have found.
It can help get someone
else's chin up off the ground.

No wonder Jesus commended
the leper -- that only one
who came back to give God thanks
for all that He had done.

So, whenever you start
feeling downhearted/blue,
begin thanking your Father,
which is only His due.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Living Drug Free

With the wall-to-wall coverage these past few days of Michael Jackson's passing, with accounts of his widespread use of prescription drugs, many have aired their views on society's overuse of drugs to alleviate problems. It is my feeling that far too many people have a near worship of-- not God Almighty--but of pills/medicine/drugs, and certainly rely too heavily on them. Instead of dealing with life's challenges, they just escape through over-dependence on drugs. Easier to just dope themselves up, they mistakenly think. And in Jackson's case (what a sweet, innocent, appealing child he was), the end is so sad. All of this has made me intensely grateful for being able to live my life without thinking, what if I become addicted to drugs?

What enables me to do this? It is having gained some knowledge of spiritual truths that heal. And by spiritual truths I mean the divine laws that Christ Jesus understood and healed by.

I have many friends in the Christian faith who gain inspiration and comfort from Christ Jesus. And certainly I yield to no one in my adoration of Jesus. But how often I have thought, how much better these people would be if they had a practical understanding of the healing power he demonstrated so wonderfully. Their lives would be richer, freer--definitely more healthy in many cases, if they relied on God's healing power instead of a mindless drug.

It is my understanding that the purpose of our Master's unequaled example was not merely to inspire mankind but to show us how to be free from every form of material bondage, physical suffering included. He promised, Verily, veirly, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also" (John 14:12).

This can be accomplished, however, only as one understands the spiritual laws underlying his words and deeds. One would not expect to succeed in applying the laws of mathematics simply by admiring the professor's personality or even his instruction. In like manner, the changeless Principle of Jesus' healing and teaching has to be learned.

This is explained fully and clearly in the textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science. The law of Spirit, God, is available for everyone to learn and use in his daily life. When the spiritual truths are brought into contact with one' particular problem through prayer and purified living -- and it makes no difference whether the problem is physical, financial, emotional, or moral -- the result is the restoration of harmony, healing.

Mrs. Eddy writes: "The physical healing of Christian Science results now, as in Jesus' time, from the operation of divine Principle, before which sin and disease lose their reality in human consciousness and disappear as naturally and as necessarily as darkness gives place to light and sin to reformation." Then she continues, "Now, as then, these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural." (Science and Health, p. xi)

Further in this book, the author points out: "If drugs are part of God's creation, which (according to the narrative in Genesis) He pronounced good, then drugs canot be poisonous. If He could create drugs intrinsically bad, then they should never be used. If He creates drugs at all and designs them for medical use, why did Jesus not employ them and recommend them for the treatment of disease?" (page 157)

I couldn't recount all the healings I've had through the years by turning to God and relying on His power alone. When challenged by illness--sometimes severe--had I merely felt admiration for Jesus' teachings, this would not have freed me from the problem. But spiritual understanding and application of the scientific, spiritual rules of his teachings have had power to bring a return to health and normalcy. And to think, I haven't had to be afraid of becoming addicted to some prescription.

As I and countless thousands of others have learned, it is possible to live one's life drug free. God be thanked that this is so.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Save Someone From Sin

(As most of us here in the US--actually throughout the world probably--can't help being aware, the plight of the Governor of South Carolina is heart-stirring. If a man looks to be in hell, it is Mark Sanford who has suffering etched on his face. And thinking about helping someone who may be strugging with temptation not go into that abyss has produced the following thoughts.)

To Save Someone From Sin

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Mercies new every morning,

our Bible tells me and you."

And this includes what we need

to help save others, too--

not only in the early hours,

in this needed work we do,

in this very holy,

but noon and night as well.

To help a fellow traveler

not have to enter hell,


we are more than able.

In this saving work divine

we Christ's own are about,

turning to God for know-how,

He is sure to help us out.

That our loving Father wants all

to be saved, there is no doubt.

*Lamentations 3:22, 23

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peace Fighters

Peace Fighters

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

If you and I aspire to be

Soldiers of peace and harmony,

We must ask God for and cultivate

A daily watchful humility;

Shun strife and self-assertiveness

When discord's banners we see;

Let Christly love confront the foe,

And show the way to tranquillity.

Living truths Christ Jesus taught

Is waging battles God's own way.

It brings us strength from Him;

Without fail it saves the day.

Keeping peace for Christ's sake,

Keeps evil from having a say;

Potential conflict is averted;

Sin's wages we do not pay.

Friday, June 19, 2009

When We Need Words

When We Need Words

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Whether comforting a person
who has lost someone dear,
or being asked to write something
that needs to be made clear,

by looking to the Source
of all inspired thought,
we will be led to speak or write
the Christly words we ought.

Speaking to his disciples
Jesus told them one day,
don't worry ahead of time
what you're going to say.
(see Matthew 10:18-20)

Being brought before judges
for His name's sake,
while no doubt daunting,
His counsel did they take.

While neither you nor I
will face anything that dire,
wanting to help where we can
and lift the atmosphere higher,

when we look to God for thoughts,
it will be as Jesus said:
we'll have the words we need;
we will by Mind be led.

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Feed My Lambs"*

"Feed My Lambs"*

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

It wasn't a little lamb
looking back at me just now
as I opened the door to the
garage to put out trash,
but a little masked creature,
very, very hungry.
It (a mother with young to feed?)
had been drawn in by the dogfood,
some of which we piled near
the edge of our woods.
Soon this darling thing came back
and fell upon the food.
With ever-shrinking habitat,
this happens with woodland
creatures more and more.
As satisfying as this
always is, in its way,
to feed an animal in need,
now to food of another kind --
the spiritual nourishment
so many are starved for
(though they may know it not) --
the life-giving Word of God.
What a privilege it is
for us to be doing what
we can to feed His lambs,
to be carrying out Jesus'
charge to Peter.

Our Master's heartfelt plea --
what purpose for you and me.

*John, chapter 21

YOU Are Needed

YOU Are Needed

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

(Written for someone to
Christian Science brand new)

This potentially life-changing
thing I'm going to say.
While you may never have
been told such a thing,
the title of this poem
should make your heart sing.
"Oh, that couldn't apply to me.
It sounds too good to be true."
Oh no it isn't, not at all.
God specifically needs you.
There is so much good
that needs to be done.
And many worthy deeds
can be by you--just one.
Since I don't know
where this poem will go,
let me say again, my friend...
God not only loves you so,
He has need of YOU.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bold for His Holy Child

Were I not already committed to standing up for Christ Jesus in every way God opens up, I would be now after reading two things: first, the book of Acts, chapter 4 lifted me out of my chair this morning. I had read this before, but never had it affected me with such power. The gist of it to me is that Peter and John, in the most stirring words, are calling on their Master's followers to be bold in his behalf. This has made my day, so inspiring and energizing it was to read.

Then, a few days ago happened to come across something the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: "Meekly our Master met the mockery of his unrecognized grandeur." This went right through me, and caused me to say, Ohhhhh! It renewed (if it needed renewing) my resolve to present Jesus' words and works to every man, woman and child his Father and our Father makes available. And that He can and is going to do it, I have not the slightest doubt.

I know there are so-called Christians, and Christian Scientists, who are for accomodation with those who hold other beliefs, even those clearly with no reverence for Christ. It can't be done. It shouldn't be tried. This to me goes against what we are expected to do--be bold for our Saviour. Given all Christ has done, and is doing for mankind, can we not show all-out fervor and devotion?

Regardless of what other religions may believe, we unashamed followers of Jesus agree with what Acts 4 says, that "there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

And Mary Baker Eddy in reiterating I. Timothy states: " 'There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.' " (Science and Health, p. 332)

God forbid that any of us should fail to exhibit boldness for His Holy Child.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Christ's Healing Power

Two things are coming together this morning, and inspiring this blog post. Both center around the book Mary Baker Eddy published in 1875, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures--a book that has meant the world to me in my spiritual progress. A book that has made our Saviour's words and works potent for me, to an increasing degree.

Earlier this week, a friend in Christ, a Baptist lady who began reading this book because of tuning in to my blog, said to me: "All Eddy wrote in her book is full of Christ's power. She wanted more than all else, it seems to me, to let the world know what Christ can do for us." I thought this quite perceptive from someone who has been poring over this book for only a couple of months now.

And yesterday got in the mail the latest book of poetry from a dear friend in Christ, an award-winning poet from the Chicago area (not a Christian Scientist) I met when contributing poems last year to a website. She said more than once, your poetry makes me think of so-and-so (a best-selling televangelist). I didn't go into what I thought about this similarity (to her) because I don't push my religion on anyone. But it did occur to me that perhaps this man has come across Science and Health in his reading. It could be so. At any rate, it just reinforced my everlasting gratitude for Mrs. Eddy's book, and all the wonderful demonstrations of Christ's healing power it has brought to me and so many I know.

As is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Eddy, I'll say again. For someone out there in cyberspace who is learning of this life-changing volume for the first time, you may obtain one in almost any public library, purchase one from any Christian Science Reading Room, or get ordering info from the Internet. You have no idea what spiritual blessings await you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He Can Figure It Out

He Can Figure It Out

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

When life seems a thicket,
and we can't see a way through,
we can look in God's direction.
He always knows what to do.

Can anything that comes up
in our day to day
baffle the Creator of all?
No! He can clear the way.

"In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct thy paths"
we are told in Proverbs 3:6

Doing this can bring solutions
we, unaided, just cannot see.
Then let us, dear Lord,
be turning ever more to Thee.

Being Serpent-Wise

Being Serpent-Wise

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Wherever a person goes,
whatever he happens to do,
he needs, I find, Jesus' words
to have guidelines true.

In Matthew 1016*, for instance,
Jesus shows his followers how
to intereact with others
in the necessary here and now,

something one does not
always pick up in school,
but absolutely must have
to avoid being a fool.

So easy at times to do
the harmless, loving part.
But exhibit always
a watchful, prudent heart?

This our Master's command
is helping me cultivate,
which how often--obeying--
gave warning before too late.

Learning to listen to God
as dear Jesus always did,
one will less and less find
that his steps have slid.

Essential is the wisdom of our
Father--the One great Mind,
in order to be the greatest
blessing we can to mankind.

*Be ye therefore wise as serpents,
and harmless as doves."

Butterfly Exquisite

Butterfly Exquisite

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

Sitting on bench in
the garden just now,
watching a butterfly
perched on the edge of a
birdbath getting a drink,
made me think.
I couldn't help but marvel
at God's love and care
for something so fragile.
That He does take account
of all that He has made
we know from Jesus'
Sermon on the Mount,
where he speaks of even
the fowls of the air
being provided for.

To our wonderful Father,
awe and praise do soar.

Holding Our Ground

Holding Our Ground

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

This being a soldier of Christ

is not all charging up the hill,

many of us have found.

At times there is nothing

one can do but be still,

hold the ground gained,

until incoming fire has waned;

be like trees in their majestic-ness

that just stand there and take it.

Does not the Bible say,

"Hold that fast which thou hast,

that no man take thy crown?"

(Revelation 3:11)

Doing this, you and I

are doing much.

With Us Everywhere

"With Us Everywhere"

(c) By: Sharon Slaton Howell

"God is with you
in everything you do"* --
words so very true,
meant for me and you;
on a bookmark they are,
a friend sent from afar.
Whether night or day,
at home or when away,
feeling up and cheery,
or down and weary,
a faith-lighted thought this --
that our loving Father is
never apart from us.
Is this not glorious? --
That His care does surround;
His loving arms are around
all those we love,
beside them always, above;
and not only ones we greet,
but those we may never meet--
what would mankind do
is this were not true?
Oh, but it is the case,
which nothing can erase.
God with us -- what a treasure,
comfort beyond all measure.

*Genesis 21:22

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Must-Read

Being a lover of good books, there are many I could recommend. But at the top of my list -- next to the Bible -- is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. The teachings contained in this unique volume stress that Christ Jesus' life purpose was not only to inspire, but to show how to be free from every form of material bondage, physical suffering included. He promised, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also" (John 14:12).

Thousands upon thousands of readers of Science and Health can attest to this. To their great joy, they've found (and am I one of them) that when the divine facts that Jesus illustrated and practiced are brought into contact with one's fears, beliefs, and attitudes about disease, the result is a change of thought, a spiritualization of thought, a removing of the mental state causing the physical difficulty. The Christian Science textbook explains: "The physical healing of Christian Science results now, as in Jesus' time, from the operation of divine Principle, before which sin and disease lose their reality in human consciousness and disappear as naturally and necessarily as darkness gives place to light and sin to reformation. Now, as then, these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural" (p. xi).

Take it from me, through the understanding that Christian Science affords, anyone may gain a correct, spiritual view of man as the image of God. One comes to realize that sickness is not any part of our real and only selfhood as made in God's likeness. This spiritual concept of man is basic to scientific Christian healing, and this is why it is helpful to go back time and again to the Bible record that man is made in God's own image (see Genesis 1:26). Accepting the premise that God is perfect Spirit, as the Scriptures teach, (how could we think otherwise?) one recognizes the fact that the creations of Spirit can only be spiritual, perfect. And this is the reality of our being, despite appearances to the contrary.

As I have found, the need in healing is always for a change of mental standpoint. As Science and Health points out: "Mortals must change their ideals in order to improve their models. A sick body is evolved from sick thoughts" (p. 260). Christ Jesus himself emphasized that what we entertain in thought has its effect. He said, "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man" (Matthew 15:11).

The discovery Mary Baker Eddy made, that matter is really a mental phynomenon, was and is revolutionary. Though you may never have considered it in this way before, both the image of disease and its expression in the body are false beliefs about you and me -- not actual conditions. The understanidng of this fact is a potent force in destroying disease.

It is by turning thought from an inharmonious physical condition and turning to God, contemplating our real, spiritual selfhood as His idea, that one is restored to health and well-being. We can thank God for the eternal fact that we are His reflection, the expression of infinite, harmonious Spirit. Being His offspring, we include only those qualities that Spirit imparts -- peace, joy, wholeness, dominion. By abiding in this true consciousness, we see that the fear and suffering which seemed so real have no actual power. Disease is seen for what it is: a misconception, a false state of mortal thought; it has no God-created reality. Since we are inseparable from our heavenly Father, God, our well-being as God's reflection has never been interrupted.

Christ-healing is dependent on the removal of disease beliefs and fears. And it is the activity of the Christ in human consciousness that removes these false beliefs we don't have to put up with. As the divine facts of existence displace mortality's lie in our thought, a more normal, harmonious sense of being inevitably appears.

To yield to God as the only power governing us, is to realize the power of Jesus' words "The kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21). This is where sound health is as well. Intact within you and me right now are unimpaired wellbeing, unchanging God-given harmony, and freedom.

I have experienced this more times in my own life than I can tell you about. And you dear reader of this blog--wherever you may be in the world--can be equally as blessed.