Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Call to Action

For a reason to bound off bed

Bright-eyed in the morning,

For a life that is going to be

Eternally worth living,

Full of joy and strength and peace,

Become a soldier of Jesus Christ;

Sign on to the divine warfare,

Stay until the last shot is fired,

Until every last knee has bowed

In adoration of our Saviour.

Can you think of anything

More glorious than carrying

The banner for His Name's sake?

Monday, February 27, 2012

No Danger of Addiction

There's one thing for sure; relying on divine means for health does not lead to addiction.

Why am I on this topic?  Because of something that happened this morning as I was standing in line at the post office.  The woman behind me volunteered that she was feeling stressed out.  To my "Why?" she replied that she has a 30-year old daughter who is addicted to drugs.  Not only this, she and her husband are having to take care of their 4-year old granddaughter.  It came out in the conversation that what led to this state of affairs for woman's daughter started with reliance on prescription drugs, which led to over-dependence, which resulted in addiction. (A big problem here in the state of Tennessee.)

My heart went out to this lady, and I couldn't help thinking, Oh she only knew of  Christian Science.  What a help and comfort its teachings would be.  I gave her a warm hug when I finished my business, and if I run into her again, will make the opportunity to get into a discussion of what God can do for her and her family. 

I couldn't help thinking of my religion, and the gratitude I feel for having been brought up with reliance on God's great healing power--not material medicine or drugs.  And what Christian Science has done in my life, and the life of my family, it can do for others.  I've touched on this in a previous post, the one before last--"It's Right to Rely on God for Healing" which anyone interested can read. 

Though I have not had personal experience of someone being healed of prescription drug addiction, I know of individuals who had to have cigarettes and alcohol who, through turning to divine power for help, lost their desire for these things.  And having seen what God can do for us, I know He can free a person from having to have drugs.

As the Old Testament states:  "Ah Lord God!" Jeremiah exclains.  "thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:"

And lastly, something Mary Baker Eddy writes seems pertinent to this topic.  "If drugs are part of God's creation, which (according to the narrative in Genesis) He pronounced good, then drugs cannot be poisonous. If He could create drugs intrinsically bad, then they should never be used.  If He creates drugs at all and designs them for medical use, why did Jesus not employ them and recommend them for the treatment of disease?"  (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 157)

Something for the readers of my blog who aren't Christian Scientists to think about.

The Power of Jesus' Words in Our Lives

Was thinking this morning of an instance of what I say in the title to this blog post.  It was a perfect illustration of the practicality of the Master's teachings in our everyday lives--practical and potent when we take them to heart.

There I was in a meeting of a group to which I belong, called to conduct the business as well as choose a new officer for the coming year.  As with most groups, I suppose, there are more willing to be served, than to serve. It appeared that I might have to offer my time and effort.  But this just wasn't the right step for me to take at this time.  As the meeting progressed, and discussion ensued, I felt things closing in to the point that I was just about to speak up and say, ok I'll do it.

But just that morning, I had read Jesus' "...wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?", and these words came to thought.  (Luke 2:49) Thinking about this, it seemed to me that it was an answer for me, that I needed to focus on my real business of following Christ and serving higher work in my daily life.

As so often happens when we desire to obey God and serve Him, someone quite unexpectedly offered their services.  I was so relieved and happy that I didn't have to do something not right for me at that time.  The whole thing was taken out of my hands without a word from me.

That Christ Jesus' words have power in our lives to bring solutions, to direct us, to keep us in the upward way, is beyond all doubt.  How thankful I am for these sublime teachings!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Right to Rely on God for Healing

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble," the Bible teaches. For centuries people have, like the Psalmist, found comfort in the promise of God's loving care and have turned to Him in time of need.

Today we can take quite literally the Bible's eternal assurances of God's care.  His power is available to us, whatever we may be up against.  God gives His children the help they need.  And this includes healing of physical, mental and emotional problems as well.

Christ Jesus' life showed this to be true.  He relied on God's power and brought healing to many.  And he said that his followers would do the same.  John records his promise in these words, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." 

To sick, suffering, diseased humanity Christian Science comes with the gospel of healing.  It teaches that the overcoming of illness is the natural and necessary concomitant of true Christianity.  Thus, each and every one of us can have the benefit of the healing power Jesus employed.  Underlying the Master's words and deeds were spiritual truths, facts about God and man, which we can learn and demonstrate if we're willing to follow his example.

When we need divine assistance, we find it in a fuller and deeper understanding of the spiritual truths in the Bible.  A book that can help with this is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.  This is a book that brings to light God's ever-present goodness, His power, and His unfailing love for all His children.  It shows us how a change in our concept of God and man makes practical Bible promises in our own lives, resulting in freedom from physical suffering. 

The Bible reveals that man is God's offspring, His image.  Our actual being continuously reflects the Father's love.  How, then, can we be helpless before fear, suffering, sickness?  We can't be, not in reality.  The concept of man as spiritual and complete is certainly contrary to what the five material senses would have us believe.  But the Scriptures bring out that spirituality is our true selfhood.

As children of God, we are never really apart form His care.  But we need to open our thought to the reality of His presence and power.  Accepting the fact that we are, in truth, one with our Father, God, who knows and gives His children only good, brings our thinking into line with the harmony of spiritual perfection--the only reality.  And this mental change brings healing.

"But I have serious health issues", someone may be thinking.  "Can I realistically expect God's help with these?"  Take it from me, you can.  I couldn't relate all the instances I've had in my life that demonstrate, beyond a doubt, that God is of practical help when we need to be well.

Mrs Eddy points out in Science and Health:  "To ignore God as of little use in sickness is a mistake.  Instead of thrusting Him aside in times of bodily trouble, and waiting for the hour of strength in which to acknowledge Him, we should learn that He can do all things for us in sickness as in health."  (page 166)

Whatever may be the physical ailments troubling us, we always have recourse to the Father's love and power. It's comforting to realize that no illness can arise that cannot be successfully dealt with.  When we have even a small knowledge of the spiritual truths that Jesus taught and practiced, we can turn to God with confidence that He will heal us.  And we can echo these words from the Old Testament: "O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

When something needs to be done yesterday

When to our "when do you need this finished?", the reply comes back, "I needed it yesterday", we can find ourselves under pressure to produce.  What can we do when we have a project that needs to be completed almost immediately?

We can turn to God, the only genuine source of creativity, and expect good results.  The Bible says of God, "He performeth the thing that is appointed for me."  (Job 23:14)

Turning to God as the only creator, and acknowledging our relationship to Him as His offspring, we begin to glimpse something of the true, spiritual man.  This is our actual selfhood, and this selfhood is not a restricted, incomplete mortat but God's perfect likeness.  Since God is obviously never limited or anxious, neither is His likeness, man.  Accepting this truth and discerning it in prayer, we're increasingly freed from fears of inadequacy, and more of the God-bestowed abilities that have always belonged to us come to light.

Regardless of the demands on him, Christ Jesus possessed the spiritual understanding to meet them instantly.  His remarkable readiness musth have come from his sense of unity with his Father.  Jesus said humbly, "The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works." (John 14:10)

As you and I know more of what Jesus knew of spiritual reality, we'll find ourselves expressing readily the inspired know-how required for worthwhile achievements.  Prayer, and study of the Bible in the light of Christian Science, make this possible for any sincere seeker.  The need is to feel more deeply the reality of man's spiritual selfhood as our present identity.  Then we're better able to discern our capabilities; and this encourages us to assert our freedom from incompetence, fear, mediocrity, and so forth.

We're not the inferior, fearful, or inadequate individual so often pictured by the physical senses.  You and I can't, then, without our consenting to it, be restricted by insufficient ideas or too little time.  We possess a constant capacity to express the fullness of immortal being.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes in
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis."  (page 258)

So many times in my life I've needed to come up with a piece of work quickly.  And whereas I once would have said to myself, "I can't possibly do this--not that fast!", by turning to God for help assignments have been completed in the most expeditious way.

Understanding our real selfhood as the reflection of God will bring into manifestation the qualities already ours as His child.  The satisfying result will be less plodding and pressure, and more spontaneity in expressing God's infinite ability.

Originality, creativity, and mental quickness are matters of spiritual revelation, of reflecting God--and not of x number of hours or days.  Realizing this, knowing that we express the all-knowing divine Mind, you and I will find that when the need arises we are able to get more done in less time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

O Book Divine

Whether close to home,
or travelling abroad,
how nice to see people
reading the Word of God.
Waiting in an airport,
patronising some cafe,
how inspiring to see
the Bible on display.
That one cares enough
to spend time this way,
clearly devoted to Him,
gives a lift to my days.
And who knows?
Seeing the Holy Word
being pored over, bold
may lead someone else to
The Greatest Story
Ever Told.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whence Inspiration?

It has been said,

I know I've read,

That poets live on

The light of nature.

Well, those who write to

Honour God's dear Son

Have to have that Light divine.

(At least I do.)

Having a small part in

Enlightening a world so dark,

Is no lark.

For me, it takes ever greater

Staying close to God

To hear what to write,

Relying on His inspiration --

For thoughts worth sharing

Are all His own.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gandhi and Jesus

We happened to see an inspiring documentary last night on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, and although not a Christian himself, Jesus' teachings profoundly shaped his entire experience.  And influenced his actions.  And his reactions, or lack thereof, as was often the case.

One of the stirring things Gandhi said both surprised and delighted us.  The narrator said that in an interview, this Indian "great soul" as he was named, would tell his fellow Hindus, "your life will be incomplete unless you reverentially study the teachings of Jesus."  We found this beautiful, moving.

I couldn't help but reflect on the need for many Christians to take much more seriously the teachings of our Master.  And not long ago, someone who had read one of my blog posts on getting rid of so much "me", asked:  "But how do I go about doing this?"  To which I replied: "One of the best ways to me, and a practical step, is getting the New Testament with Jesus' words marked in red.  This is not hard to find, either to buy or perhaps borrow from your local library."

Reading, pondering wholeheartedly, everything Jesus said will have a powerful effect on one's thinking and living.  In the measure one puts into daily practice what Jesus commanded us to do, a person will see his life radically transformed.

Yes sir, reverentially studying Jesus' words is a life-changer.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Truths that free us

Thank God we don't have to be
without truths that set us free.
Why is this so?
Because of Christian Science,
with its teachings all may know.
They're set down in a book*
which a woman to mankind gave,
to uplift and heal, to save
from suffering that people
don't have to endure.
Why not take a look?
In this book you will read
statements about God and man
that will put you in touch
with God's mighty power --
wherever you happen to be,
whenever you need His help.
These truths Christ Jesus knew:
knowledge that does what he said it would;
truths that make us oh so free,
readily accessible in our day.
You obviously know how to get on-line;
so do some research into the
book I mentioned --
with its Christ-understanding divine,
it has blessed countless people,
and it can do this for you.
Pondering its healing truths,
your life may be forever
changed by what you find.

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
  by Mary Baker Eddy