Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Healed Through Christian Science

From time to time I may share with my readers testimonies contained in Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  These healings that came to those in need as they read and pondered the divine truths in this inspiring book can give hope of health regained in someone in need today:

From Madison, Wisconsin (pages 682, 683) -

"From the darkness of physical and weariness into the light of wholeness and joyousness in work and living,--from the darkness of a clouded sight into the light of clearer vision,--from the darkness of doubt and discord into the marvellous light of the reality of good,--this is what a reading of the Christian Science textbook has done for me.

At the time the book was lent to me, I was  teaching in the public schools of Chicago, and absences from my work on account of illness were of frequent occurrence  For five weeks I had been under the care of a specialist for an organic trouble, and he said I would have to come as many more months before a cure could be effected.  At this time, Science and Health was brought to my notice.  I never thought of such a thing as being healed by the reading of the book, but my thought was so changed that I was healed, not only of the organic trouble, but of blurred eyesight, fatigue, and a train of other discordant manifestations.  I did not go back to the physician until four months later to pay my bill (which, by the way was more than five times the price of Science and Health I had purchased.) From the time I read the book I taught steadily without losing any time from my work.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Clean Through Christ's Word

"Now ye are clean through the word
Which I have spoken unto you,"
Our Lord and Master said.
It never fails; it never will,
Living Jesus' words,
Putting Gods precepts out front
Changes things for us:
Mental trash gets left by the curb,
Gossip -- harmful to us and to others
Simply falls off.
Sickness-breeding states of thought
Give way to peace on earth, goodwill --
Relationships are transformed.
We feel oh so free,
Just the way our dear Father
Wants it to be.
The Word removes us
From the places
We no longer need to be,
Frees us from those things
We no longer need to do.

We can count on it --
Christ's Word unclutters.

      *John 15:3

Friday, August 3, 2018

Some Thoughts on Proving Truth

A few days ago a woman emailed me saying she had happened onto my blog and found it helpful.  Her problem seemed to be an inability to get healing results from her efforts to know the Truth as given in Christian Science.  As she left no way to get in touch with her, perhaps the following thoughts might be of benefit.

Many times as I've been re-reading the testimonies of healing at the back of Mary Baker Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures I've been struck by this awareness:  since disease is not real, and there is actually no such thing, what all those people who were healed simply by reading and pondering the textbook were experiencing was a false belief.  Laid on them by family or in most cases, by doctors who told them they had this or that disease.  They were impressed by a mortal mind name and description which as Truth dawned on their thought, replaced their fears and misconceptions with divine facts of being--the divine facts which Jesus taught and demonstrated for mankind and which Christian Science makes available to us.

And, a post my husband among last month's entries on July 5th, might also prove helpful to readers -- "Absolute Faith".

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Truth Makes Free

        I have no doubt that many who are tuning into my blog might be interested to learn that there is a way to combat sickness and recover health without having to depend on medication.  That way is the healing power of Christianity that Christ Jesus practiced.  His words "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32) point to the naturalness of healing from a purely metaphysical standpoint as he did.  They point to unchanging divine law, which we can turn to with certainty.

        Through the study of Christian Science, we're helped to see what that healing truth is, the truth found in the Bible's pages. There we learn that God is omnipotent and entirely good and that man is the image of God.  As the likeness of his creator, man forever expresses these God is Spirit, man is spiritual.  To be sure, we appear to be merely flesh and bones and subject to suffering.  But physicality isn't the actual or ultimate substance of our being.  Life in the flesh is a misconception of man, whose real identity as the image of God is incorporeal, untouched by debilitating physical conditions.

        The growing understanding of man's spiritual nature has a purifying effect on the body.  It awakens us to the everpresence of Christ, Truth--of the divine healing influence--and the body responds to this uplifting influence.  Health is restored.

        Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science, writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:  "To ignore God as of little use in sickness is a mistake.  Instead of thrusting Him aside in times of bodily trouble, and waiting for the hour of strength in which to acknowledge Him, we should learn that He can do all things for us in sickness as in health."  (page 166)

        Spiritual healing in Christian Science is more than a recover of health; it includes moral strengthening.  Turning to God in prayer and relying on Him for healing constitute the genuine Christian way of salvation.  This holy activity regenerates and purifies one's thought and life.

        We have a God-give right not only to enjoy sound health but to recover it through spiritual means when it is threatened.  Jesus has furnished us with a precedent, indicating that as we follow his example we can learn what God is and how to avail ourselves of His power.

        The Bible is full of assurances of God's healing help.  These are not empty promises.  They come to life for us in clear-but healing when we are equipped with practical knowledge of God's eternal law of harmony and of our relationship to Him. understanding that a study of Christian Science brings, we can turn to God for every aspect of our well-being, including health, proving to our own satisfaction and joy, "The Lord will take way from thee all sickness." (Deuteronomy 7:15)