Saturday, February 17, 2018

In God's Care, Always

Some cats stay in,
Some go in and out.
When our Russian Blue
Is outdoors, out of sight,
I like to keep in mind,
These 3 facts divine:

God looks out for her,
Being her Mind,
He thinks for her,
And He will bring
Her safely home.

So for those we love,
Wherever they go,
Whatever they do,
They're in God's care


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Testimonies of Healing

         While re-reading the testimonies of  healing in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, I was impressed with the expressions of gratitude for Christian Science, expressions which seemed to me eloquent in their simplicity and sincerity.  Here are excerpts from some of them which may interest those of you unacquainted with Christian Science and this book.

        I wish to add my testimony to those of others, and hope that it may be the means of bringing some poor sufferer to health, to happiness, and to God.  I was healed through simply reading this wonderful book Science and Health.
        Liverpool, England

        When I learned that Jesus' mission of healing sickness as well as sin did not end with his short  stay upon earth, but is practical in all ages, my joy was unbounded.  Having spent thousands in the old way, it seemed wonderful to be  healed at such small cost as the price of the "little book" and a few weeks' study.
        Memphis, Tenn.

        I was healed of a disease with which I had been afflicted since childhood, and for which there was no known remedy.  I believe Science and Health reveals the Word referred to by David."
        Kansas City, Mo.

        I have found a God whom I can love and worship with my whole heart and now I read my Bible with interest and understanding.  I was healed of very bad rheumatism simply by reading Science and Health.
        Edinburgh, Scotland

        For a long time I have been impelled to contribute a testimony of the healing power of Truth.  I was healed by reading Science and Health.  By applying it I found it to be the truth that Jesus' taught -- the truth that sets free.
        Kansas City, Mo.

        I am a willing witness to the healing power of Christian Science, having had a lifetime's battle with disease and medical experiments.
        Manatee, Fla.

        In a few weeks' study of Science and Health together with the Bible, I was healed of a desire for liquor of years' standing, and of the use of tobacco.
        Boston, Mass.

        Through a careful and prayerful study of Science and Health I have been lifted from sickness to health, from sorrow to peace, from lack to plenty, and the most beautiful of all, from darkness to light.
        Seattle, Wash.

         The Bible has become a new revelation to me and I can read it much more understandingly by the light received through the reading of Science and Health.
        Fairmont, Minn.

        The Bible, which I regarded with suspicion, has become my guide, and Christianity has become a sweet reality, because the Christian Science textbook has indeed been a "Key to the Scriptures" and has breathed through the Gospel pages a sweet sense of harmony.
        Sioux City, Iowa

        My husband was  healed of the tobacco habit of fifty years' standing, also of kidney trouble, by reading Science and Health.
       Seattle, Wash.

        I have been benefited in every way by Christian Science, physically, mentally, and spiritually and would not be without my understanding of it for anything.
        Billings, Mont.

        I was healed through reading "Science and Health" by Mrs. Eddy.  It was a clear case of transformation of the body by the renewal of the mind.
        Omaha, Neb.

        I was healed of stomach trouble of many years' standing by reading Science and Health.  I was a travelling salesman, and it was a common occurrence for me to have to call a physician to my hotel to administer morphine.  Finally, as a last resort, I decided to try Christian Science, and was healed by reading "Science and Health".
        St. Johnsbury, VT

        Paul said "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."  In my own case deafness has been overcome by an enlarged understanding of God's word, as explained by Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health."
        Brooklyn, Nova Scotia

        Just before I commenced reading Science and Health I spent a half day in having my eyes examined by one of the leading oculists in Boston  His verdict was that my eyes were in a dreadful condition, and that I would always need to wear glasses  In the meantime I commenced to read Science and Health, and when I thought of my eyes I had no need for glasses  The years that I have been in Science I have used my eyes incessantly, night as well as day, doing all kinds of trying work, and without the aid of glasses.
        Los Angeles, Cal.

        I have often had a desire to make public what Christian Science has done for me, but  I could never tell of all my blessings, they are so many.  My ailments were many, it seemed, all that flesh is heir to, and were called incurable by the doctors.  My case was known among physicians, many of whom were prominent specialists, as a most extreme one.  Many, upon looking at me, would turn away with a shake of the head and say "What keeps her alive?"  My physicians, who were exceedingly kind and did all that lay within their power for me, gave me up and the death sentence was pronounced on me by all who attended me.
        The "little book" was handed me at this great hour of need.  I read it, not thinking it would heal me, but, like a drowning man, I grasped at it.  I read it, read it again, and soon found myself growing stronger; then I kept on reading it and was perfectly healed of all the supposedly incurable diseases.
       Austin, Minn.




Thursday, February 1, 2018


Puppy jumping all over

Delighted little  boy --

Heartwarming scene,

Vividly impressive.

The warmth and affection

Of dog and child

Reaching right across

The street to me.

No worry resting heavily,

No jaded view of life there,

Just sheer joy in the moment.

No wonder Jesus called for us

To be like a little child.

(Matthew 18:3)+