Saturday, January 30, 2016

Credit Where It's Due*

Rather than just retire,

Her heart on fire

To reach others with

What had set her free

From years of suffering --

God's divine method of healing --

She prayed and toiled, leaned on God,

Wrote down what He revealed.

This lady loved Christ Jesus

More than all the world, she said.

And her lifework to make clear

What He knew about God and man

Has made Christ's words and works

Understandable for potent for me.

*Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder
                     of Christian Science

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Doing As Jesus Did

Since one hundred percent obedient
Is what our Master had to be,
Making our own terms with God
Will never be allowed you and me.

Life shows us this:
Suffering almost always does.
But by whatever way we come
To learn to say (and mean)
"Do with my life what You think best,"
Only then do we know real joy,
Feel deep peace of mind,
Experience what Jesus taught and knew --
That our loving Father longs to see us
One hundred percent blest.

Day-by-day obedience
           Is the one,

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Wings of Soul

                                             John Robert Howell

Demented by the worldly splendor of sin and

Flapping feebly and frail-winged into the fearful
and illusory darkness,

The apocalyptic omen and harbinger of

Icarus flew too near the baleful land stygian sun of

And fallen through the smutty lie of fleshly
limbs and ligaments,

Dropped broken and betrayed into the stale

Of Adam's Eden, an earthy paradise gone
lightless and dreary.

Now new-baptized, heeding the beatifying
susrrus of angel whisperings--

Reborn under the ageless and eternal shadow of
Elohim's hand--

He soars anew on grace-full Love-feathered
wings of Soul.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whose Strength?

        I recently overheard someone say, "Why do people pray to God for strength to get through a crisis when we have all we need within ourselves." Almost at once, the thought came, "Why would people not reach out to God for strength when challenges occur."

        Granted, many individuals may be able to cope with a great deal through their own "smarts".  But why go this way, when we all have an all-powerful Father who loves to help His children in every conceivable circumstance.  And paradoxically, you and I are never stronger than when we are leaning on Him and on the invigorating, sustaining influence of Christ.

        In the New Testament, Paul makes this striking statement:  "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  (Phil. 4:13)  All things.
Not anyone I've ever run across can top this.  Not relying on divine help is sad, for not only does such a spiritually weakened way of life go against God's will for His children; it would deprive us of utilizing the ncomparable strength Christ imparts.

        I would say to anyone tuning in this blog who is trying to deal with a crisis alone, why live another day this way?  Why--when looking to God as the continuous giver of strength, ability, and intelligence is so comforting?  Depending on our Father, God, is the obedient thing to do.  It glorifies Him.  And in turn, it empowers us to get through crises so much smoother than trying to do so by ourselves.

        Turning to God for strength brings into manifestation the qualities already ours as His spiritual offspring.  The result is increased mental sharpness, more creativity in solving our problems--in short, a greater expression of God's infinite capacities. 

        The Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures points out how natural it is for God's creation to express strength.  "All that God imparts moves in accord with Him, reflecting goodness and power," writes Mary Baker Eddy.  (p. 515)

        Whatever we may face in day-to-day life that calls for a solution, God's power is ever at hand to provide it.  Habitually relying on Him for strength enables us to feel His loving presence more consistently.  And this is so wonderful that we may find ourselves thanking Him for those times that cause us to reach out for divine strength.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Think On This


                            "God's being is infinity, freedom, harmony,

                                            and boundless  bliss."*

                                 And so is that of His reflection, man --

                                                  you and me,


                                          *Mary Baker Eddy


Friday, January 1, 2016

God's Help With Animals

        It was a scary night for us.  One of our dogs was apparently bitten by a spider or some poisonous insect one evening.  He was on the back porch, and although screened-in did have floorboards with some space between them.  We knew immediately that something was wrong when he stood up shakily to get to the door.  He could hardly walk and was quite ill it was clear.  We managed to get him up on a bed, even though he's a large 70-lb dog.  We love the vet we have, but he wouldn't have been available at that hour of the night.  And we didn't want to take out beloved dog to an emergency place we weren't familiar with.

        Being accustomed to turning to God when trouble arises, my husband and I both reached out for divine aid.  I sat down on the rug next to the  bed and prayed for all I was worth.  John went to his office so he could turn away from the suffering, while he prayed.  For me, the human picture was daunting and my fear was nearly overwhelming at first.  But soon I felt divine Love's presence surrounding us all.  And after a couple of hours, our dog became quieter, then fell asleep.

        As I shared with a friend later, I felt certain that had we gotten our dog into the car and driven to the emergency hospital, not to mention probably having to wait to see a vet, then have tests done, he might not have made it through the night.  It was the immediacy of God's help that we were so thankful for.

        To our immense relief the next morning, our dog could get down from the bed under his own steam.  We took him out for a short walk in our woods.  Oh the joy we felt to see him recover so quickly and completely.

        As anyone with animals knows, things can and do happen that need attention, and we are so grateful that God's help is always available when our dear dogs and cats need His healing touch.


Sheltered in Him

        A fellow Christian Scientist said recently, "If we don't know we're always in God's presence, where are we looking for our safety?"

        The Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy are helping me to do this, to feel God ever present.

        The Bible says, "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations."  (Psalms 90:1)  To really comprehend this glorious fact of man's perfect unity with God, good, is to enjoy His sheltering care under every conceivable human circumstance.  We can never for a moment be outside the sphere of divine Love's protecting, saving influence. 

        And Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:  "Existence, separate from divinity, Science explains as impossible."

        The physical senses tell us we're subject to the material conditions surrounding us, that despite the precautions we may take for personal safety, we still remain pretty much potential victims of things we can't control. Christian Science maintains the opposite view.  Its teachings assure us that man -- the spiritual, God-created man referred to in the first chapter of the Bible -- is the beloved child of its Maker, divine Mind, never for an instant separated from His all-encompassing care. 

        Our Master, Christ Jesus, certainly relied on God whenever he was in a dangerous situation.  It was his absolute conviction of being inseparable from his Father that empowered Jesus to demonstrate dominion over any circumstance.  It can do the same for you and me.

        Jesus said, "He that sent me is with me:  the Father hath not left me alone."  Nor does our loving Father ever leave us alone and unprotected; rather, He keeps each and every one of us continuously sheltered in His omnipotence care.  Understanding this, we can feel God's all-encircling presence  -- wherever we go, wherever we are.