Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A house standing on rock

While at lunch yesterday happened to get in a conversation with Howard, a retired gentleman who works part-time, and has become a friend of ours. Naturally, we got on the economy and he said something arresting: what's happening in the US is a wake-up call for Americans to get back to God. He asked our religion, told him, asked his, member of an evangelical denomination. But we agreed that people cannot forever leave God out of the picture and continue prospering--or even treading water, in some cases. Howard said, remember what happened to the children of Israel when they forsook God's laws.

This led me right to Jesus' parable of the house (how timely is this?) built on rock and the one built on sand. And being a student of the teachings of Christian Science, to something its Founder wrote: "In some way, sooner or later, all must rise superior to materiality, and suffering is oft the divine agent in this elevation. 'All things work together for good to them that love God' is the dictum of Scripture. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 444.

Dr. John Tutt, an early worker in the Christian Science movement, a former medical doctor who took up the study of Science, once said to a close friend of mine, "Remember that Christian Science is Science applied to Christianity". How grateful I am to have the holy Word of God as given us through the prophets, Christ Jesus, apostles, and through the writings of Mary Baker Eddy to dig into, which thoroughly empower us in getting through rough times. A verse from the Christian Science Hymnal mentions overcoming through Christ alone. (Haven't consulted my Concordance for the exact one.) Of course, we overcome through Christ alone--but only through understanding what he knew about God's laws, about man's relationship to his loving Father. And in my view, only Christian Science presents the knowledge Jesus had, and how to demonstrate divine truths.

So let everyone reading this ask himself: am I serious about building my house for eternity?
And what is it going to be for me? Rock--or sand?

Monday, September 29, 2008

And the dog got right up!

About four years ago, I was leaving one morning, had just gotten into my car when a stray dog came around the corner and headed for a bowl of water we keep out for wildlife that come in the night. Suddenly he dropped to the ground, obviously very ill. I jumped out of the car, tried to rouse him, couldn't lift him as he was a very big dog. I stood there for a bit, thought if only I could get him in the car, could take him to a nearby vet to see if he had a chip and if so, return him to his owner. But my husband was away, any neighbor disposed to helping a mere animal already at work. So, I got back in the car, looked away from the sad picture and turned wholeheartedly to God in prayer.

This thought from the Christian Science textbook came strongly to me and I quote it for you here: the margin note says, "Source of all life and action" and in the text, Mrs. Eddy states: (page 283) "Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action." This was a terrific help to me in the metaphysical work I was doing. This went on for maybe a half hour. And then, there alongside the car was this dog! He had gotten up, was walking normally, and just trotted off down the driveway. I was so happy to see yet another proof that God heals. And He helps animals, too, as my own family and many of my Christian Scientist friends have experienced.

Not predisposed to illness

Beverly was in the middle of some house cleaning she was doing for us this one day, and happened to say: "You don't seem worried about getting sick. I think about it all the time. I'm scared to death of getting what my father is dying from. Can you give me any help?" We sat down and talked awhile about some of the things Christian Science teaches about God's laws and man's relationship to his heavenly Father. Then I recommended Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which she got and started reading. She even told a friend about the book. Not long after this, Beverly went on to other work and we lost touch with one another. But a couple of weeks ago, ran into her at the grocery store. Had not seen her for over five years but she was up and at it, the same energetic, loving person, with from what she told me, a very full schedule these days. So, apparently she hadn't succumbed to her father's illness and did not appear to be worried silly about her health.

Just because our grandfather/grandmother/father/mother may have had such and such a disease, there is no reason why you or I should do down before it.

With genetic testing so much in the air, I am grateful that Christian Science rejects material theories of heredity, and accepts the statement attributed to God in the book of Ezekiel: "What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge?...Behold, all souls are mine." Ezekiel l8: 2, 4

And of course, Jesus was emphatic as to our spiritual origin: "Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." Matthew 23:9 To our everlasting benefit, Jesus demonstrated what a spiritual understanding of man's direct, perfect relationship to God can mean in one's day-to-day life.

Human belief and education to the contrary, material laws of heredity do not actually govern us. In the spiritual reality of being each of us originates not in two people who have an asssortment of defects and deficiencies that can be passed on to helpless offspring, but in God, the divine Father-Mother, who is infinite, perfect Mind and manifests Himself in faultless creation. As Mrs. Eddy points out in the Christian Science textbook on page 63: "In Science man is the offspring of Spirit. The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry."

Whether it's fear of falling victim to a physical or mental hereditary disorder, it can be healed by gaining the correct understanding of our real identity as God's image and likeness. False, material laws are overruled to the exact degree we recognize man's present, Godlike being. Mortal misconceptions cannot stand in the presence of spiritual illumination. As Mrs. Eddy writes: "Heredity is a prolific subject for mortal belief to pin theories upon; but if we learn that nothing is real but the right, we shall have no dangerous inheritances, and fleshly ills will disappear." (S&H, p 228)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ashamed of Jesus? God forbid!

"Not me!" you may be saying.

And you may be right.

But one can think he's obeying

what God expects, and not be.

The watering down of

Jesus and his words

can be unbelievably subtle.

Christians there are in name only,

(one hesitates to give them that much)

who without realizing it,

have moved our great Master

off the cover of their lives

to the inside pages.

You and I then need to stay sharp.

But hear Jesus' own words on this cosmically-important subject:
"Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels."
Mark 8:38

Accountant's eyesight healed

On one of my postings done earlier last week, I mentioned the name Samuel Greenwood as giving an illuminating statement in something he wrote. Well, I think you might be interested in learning some background to this wonderful early worker in the Christian Science Movement.

He was living in Victoria, British Columbia, working after high school as an accountant when his eyesight began to fail. He finally had to give up his work, and he spent most of his time sitting in a darkened room. He went to London for a time to consult with specialists but wasn't healed. At some point, obviously since he was healed, a friend mentioned to him the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy which he got. He could only make out a little of it each day, but wouldn't you know, this man was completely and permanently healed of his defective eyesight! One can just imagine what new world this opened up for him. He was from everything I've read of what he wrote a deeply Christian man, don't know which denomination and it doesn't matter. But he went full steam ahead in his new religion. Started a branch church there in his locale, wrote tons of splended articles for the Christian Science periodicals which you may find in the bound volumes of most reading rooms around the world, became listed as a practitioner in the Journal, became a teacher of Christian Science, even became friends with many of the workers in Boston helping Mrs. Eddy with her massive efforts to bless the world. He was a close friend of Calvin Frye, one of her secretaries.

Along with many others power-house metaphysicians, his writings to me are some of the most thought-provoking and clearly stated. In fact, for a long time I thought this man was surely a renowned college professor so proficient was he in the English language. I have found his writings on Christian Science absolutely awesome!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who's really in charge

Glancing at the headlines on my way out of my breakfast place this morning, couldn't help but be grateful for the help my religion gives in not being swamped by worry in challenging times. With public confidence in the U.S. Congress at an all-time low, people are wondering, is anyone piloting the ship? Will it reach land? Is Washington governing or not? For me, it's worth thinking about Someone who definitely is in charge and on top of everything.

The Bible offers this reassurance, "The kingdom is the Lord's: and he is the governor among the nations" (Psalm 22:28).

And Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p. 286), "Physical causation was put aside from first to last by this original man, Jesus. He knew that the divine Principle, Love, creates and governs all that is real."

The teachings of Christian Science point out the following divine truths that have proved very beneficial to me over the years:

The sole governing force of the universe, including you and me and all God's children, is God Himself, divine Principle.

He maintains His creation in perfect peace and harmony.

There is never actually one moment when His divine law is not operating, not a time when we can be deprived of its power.

Being God's child, we're not helpless before misfortune, insecurity, loss.

God's law is good, supreme, and all-inclusive; he does not share His power with another creator, for there is none.

Our beloved Master, Christ Jesus, certainly furnished convincing proof of God's unerring government. In accordance with divine law, he fed hungry thousands on a few loaves and fishes, stilled a raging sea, healed disease, insanity, and immorality, and even raised the dead--all in opposition to material law, to what seemed to be in control. And to be free from the insecurity, fear, and dread of a mortal outlook, one needs to know, as did Jesus, that he always under God's government.

An understanding of this eternal fact increases our trust in God and banishes fear. So today, this is part of my metaphysical work: to acknowledge God's all-encompassing rule, to know who's really in charge of things.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The saving light of Christ

Picture this:
someone sits in a darkened room
with the shutters closed,
lost in fear or worry or gloom,
while outside there is
the most abundant sunlight.
Then, lo, someone goes to the
window and opens those shutters,
letting the glorious light in,
Now, think about this promise
in Psalms 119:30:
"The entrance of thy
words giveth light."
How many times this has
been my experience.
Of course, the sulight in this
poem is the Christ, Truth,
and those who have illumined
my darkness have been, and are
those dear souls who have
loved and lived and spoken
and written the truths of
Christ's divine Science.
How indebted I do feel!
And to think that you
and I can -- just maybe --
do the same for some
other one who sits in the
darkness of misery or sin,
thus letting Christ's wonderful/
marvelous/saving light in.

Being obedient

No blogging for me today,
I said to myself.
But God, the Author
of all worth sharing,
waved that thought away.
If He impels, I have
no choice but to obey.
"What conceit", some
one of you may say.
With this I would agree,
if these simple words
I write came from me.
(Or from you.)
Perhaps you may have
doubted your thoughts
actually came from Him,
and the inspiration
that might have helped
others to stay in the Way
in your desk drawer lay.
But if they reach hearts
with spiritual uplift,
must not we send forth
the words He imparts?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our oneness with God

Thinking about something this morning, what Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures", namely: "Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man's oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage." Amen to that! Hope someone turning in to this blog sees this and thinks about it, for this divine fact is a powerful help in whatever we are facing. Three examples:

A friend of ours who served in WWII from Melbourne, Australia likes to say, "I love to think about this, that God and I are not two, but one...and that one is Him." Paul Jones came through horrific battles in the Pacific area of the fighting just through what he had learned from studying Christian Science. This man used it every day, read his Bible lesson from small books they handed out to servicemen, even in foxholes. A most inspiring man to my husband and me. Paul was wonderfully healed of malaria contracted from fighting in the jungles. He couldn't exclaim enough over the help he got from a Christian Science practitioner in his branch church.

Then there is a life-long Christian Scientist over in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Frank Pryor, who as a Marine on Iwo Jima, just yards away from where that world-famous flag was raised, came through unimaginable fighting through clinging to what he knew of man's inseparability from His Father, God. And he came through this without a scratch--only dead tired and 20 lbs. lighter. This man is still going strong, living what he knows of spiritual truths. Such an inspiration to countless people who know and work with him--so humble, self-effacing, generous, kind and helpful to others.

Then ( you'd think most of my friends are WWII vets!) there is Jobert Williams from Crossville, Tennessee we keep in touch with as he's such a loving friend of ours, who was a Marine in the South Pacific theater, who due to his Sunday School teaching and having a mother who was a Christian Scientist who was no doubt praying mightily for him, came through so much, intact mostly, with only minor wounds.

These men have showed to me how depending on the fact that man is always in the presence of divine Love, God is such a powerful, healing force--whatever the fire pouring in on us.

So a bouquet of roses to all three.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dealing with doubting Thomases

Heard on the news yesterday
about a camp for atheist kinds,
(I'm not making this up)
where one boy said,
"If there is a God, why
doesn't He appear everyday
at say, 3:15?"
Oh, deliver us from stupidity!
Couldn't help but think
of two instances in the Bible;
the first with Thomas, who
had seen so much being with Jesus,
yet still needed this rejoinder:
"Thomas, blessed are they that
have not seen, and yet have believed."
(John 20:27)
And the blind man, whose
parents questioned him
about his wonderful healing.
As we know, he replied,
about this man I do not know;
one thing I know, whereas I
was blind, now I see.
We who have experienced
Christ's healing touch
in so many ways, find
it all joy to have the
opportunity to stand for Truth,
to be able to say,
my God liveth, and by
heaven, I know it.
Hope I'm learning to do
this always in tender love--
not take the discussion
beyond the other person's
agitation or turning away.
Embedded on our Saviour's
words and works,
we stand upon the Rock,
and nothing anyone says or
disbelieves about God's power
can our faith in Him shock.
This is of course subject vast,
but your and my love for
and faith in God is going to last.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't take my word for it

When I'm talking with someone new to the teachings of Christian Science, and I elaborate on just some of the healings I have had from its study (to do justice to which would take more time than you have to read), I, of course, point them to Mary Baker Eddy's masterwork, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This inspired volume tells anyone interested in how Jesus did what he did, how he did it. Not only has my life has been so blessed by learning this. But hundreds of thousands of others have been empowered to experience God's healing and saving power. I say to them, you don't have to take my word for it; investigate Christian Science for yourself.

The teachings contained in Science and Health stress that Christ Jesus' life purpose was not only to inspire, but to show how to be free from every form of mateiral bondage, physical suffering included. He promised, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also" (John 14:12).

As countless readers of the Christian Science textbook have found to their great joy, when the divine facts that Jesus illustrated and practiced are brought into contact with one's fears, beliefs, and attitudes about disease, the result is a change of thought, a spiritualization of thought, a removing of the mental state causing the physical difficulty. As Mrs. Eddy explains: "The physical healing of Christian Science results now, as in Jesus' time, from the operation of divine Principle, before which sin and disease lose their reality in human consciousness and disappear as natually and as necessarily as darkness give place to light and sin to reformation. Now, as then, these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural" (p. xi).

The discovery that Mary Baker Eddy made, that matter is really a mental phenomenon, was and is revolutionary. Though you may never have considered it in this way before, both the image of sickness and its expression in the body are false beliefs about you and me--not actual conditions. The understanding of this fact is a potent force in destroying physical suffering, as I have found so many times over the years.

It is by turning thought from an inharmonious problem and turning to God, contemplating man's real, spiritual selfhood as God's idea, that we are restored to health and well-being. God be thanked, I say, that we are His reflection, the expression of infinite, harmonious Spirit. And being His offspring, are never separated from our heavenly Father's tender, constant care.

Christ-healing is dependent on the removal of disease beliefs and fears. And it is the activity of the Christ in human consciousness that removes these fears and false beliefs. As the divine facts of existence displace mortality's lie in our thinking, a more normal, harmonious sense of being inevitably appears.

Have I awakened an interest in learning more of the divine metaphysics of Christian Science? I hope so, as you have no idea what wonderful things await you! So I say again, don't take my word for it. You may find out for yourself.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


(Inspired while reading Message to The Mother Church for 1902 by Mrs. Eddy)

The only worthwhile ambition?
To serve God and help the race,
not elbow other people
for personal gain and place.

"I am among you as he that serveth"*,
our blessed Master said.
And the one true way to a
life worth living Jesus has led.

Taking more and more of the
"me" out of what we do
will allow more of Christ's power
to come shining through.

And is it not more of
His comforting touch
that people hunger for,
what they need so much?

To minister unto others--
not be ministered to--
what a worth-pursuing goal
this will be for me and you.

*Luke 22:27

Love active

Sometimes we may wonder,
do my paltry efforts
in Christ's behalf
matter very much,
if at all?
Oh yes, they do,
more than you and
I may ever know.
The smallest expression
of God's dear love
can give another a shove
(in a gentle way),
to be up and doing,
keep on keeping on.
The tiniest thing,
merely a "job well done"
can cause another's
heart to sing.
It takes so little time
to reach out to others
with His love sublime.
Is a little more kindness,
a few truths tenderly told,
such an order tall?

let's you and I spread
some good around.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Master -- the basis and support for Christian Science healing

"Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give," in Matthew lO:8 Jesus said.

And from the woman who discovered and founded Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy: "Those who laugh at or pray against transcendentalism and the Christian Scientist's religion, or his medicine, should know the danger of questioning Christ Jesus' healing, who administered no remedy apart from Mind, and taught his disciples none other."
"If God created drugs for medical use, Jesus and his discipleswould have used them and named them for that purpose, for he came to do 'the will of the Father.'"
(Message to The other Church for 19o1)

Needless to say,
no puny words of mine
can add one thing to
Christ's words divine.
But thought this morning
I'd reiterate to you
what Jesus commanded
his followers to do.

Like a Yo-Yo

Do you remember
playing with a Yo-yo
when you were a child?
Send it out,
and back it comes.
To me, giving, with the
selfishness removed,
is somewhat like this.
When love impels
an action,
the reaction
though not always
from recepient per se,
or in kind,
will do just as Jesus
said it would:
"With what measure ye mete,
it shall be measured to you again."
(Matthew 7:3)
Selfless giving,
embraced in divine law
that blesses all;
so God-aproved,
so full of good
for all concerned.
God's law of love,
operating perpetually,
impartially covering all,
sees that this is done.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Supply through reflection

As though people in the United States especially, and around the world as well, weren't worried enough about financial issues, the Dow falls 500 points yesterday. In thinking about this situation this morning, and wanting to offer something helpful, these thoughts came: first, these illuminating (to me) words of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science from the book We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, where one of her pupils recalled a discussion in which she said: "When you stand before a mirror and look at your reflection, it is the same as the original. Now you are God's reflection. If His hands are full, your hands are full, if you image Him. You cannot know lack." (p. 134) Now I don't understand this to mean that God's hands are full of money but that His goodness is inexhaustible.

This sounds all well and good, some reader may be thinking right now, but is what you're saying practical? I have certainly found it so that spiritual truths or facts one learns in Christian Science, understood and held persistently within the mentality, will externalize itself in outward and visible forms. Let me repeat: it is divine law, active in our consciousness, that causes spiritual facts to become humanly and materially visible in our experience.

Not just words off the top of head here. Let me illustrate: years ago when I was leaving a paid job to become self-employed, the fear of not making it financially was great. I happened to mention this to a friend who calmly replied, "Why, income is within." Well, that went in one ear and out the other. But I did think about this statement since the one offering encouragement was living proof of what he was saying. The words above about reflection, as well as something Jesus says in Luke that "The kingdom of God is within you" (17:21) were such a help, and over time I learned to pray consistently from the basis of all good being already and always within us, of God's work being finished and perfect. The more I saw that I was not an incomplete, material being but God's spiritual image, His reflection, maintained forever by Him in a state of completeness and well-being, the financial picture improved to the point that fear of not having enough disappeared. There has always been abundance since.

So, let me say to anyone reading this blog in search of comfort and help, that from the standpoint of what our loving Father knows, only good is in store for us. We have a right to receive all we need to be successfully about His business of reflecting Him. The Psalmist promises: "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread" (Ps. 37:25).

No matter how dire the human scene may look for us, God, divine Love remains the same--an ever-present, tender, caring supporter of all His little ones. You and I can count on it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A silver lining to tribulation

Draw closer to God
unless driven thereto?
Probably not for most.
But when on pleasing Him
our hearts are truly set,
we from trying times do
lasting blessings get--
even though at the time
happy days seem like toast.
"And we know that all things
work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are
the called according to his
purpose", Romans 8:28 points out.
Not just airy words these,
not for Paul--
nor for me or you,
who can a dark and churning sea
to solid land make it through.
And some of the good things
His children are promised?
--what needs seeing is seen,
--what needs learning is learned,
--what needs to be stronger is so,
many gifts, and one of
the very best of all,
gratitude that our Father
did not let us fall,
joy that we can now see,
why, He did what He did
out of love for me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I'm a Christian Scientist

People have asked me, how come someone who clearly loves Christ Jesus as much as you do is involved with Christian Science when it isn't even Christian? Of course, right off the bat, I say I feel my religion is preeminently Christian. Then I give some background. I was brought up in the Christian Science Sunday School from the age of 4 years because of my mother being wonderfully healed through reading and pondering "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Doctors though they kindly tried everything they knew to help her, could not bring about her freedom from a physical condition that had tormented her since her high school days. With two small children to care for on top of being so ill, life was a challenge. At this point, an interested neighbor who had seen her suffering mentioned that she knew people who had been healed through the help of "Science and Health." Mother got the book and began reading and thinking about what it brings out about God and man, and before she was even half-way through, was completely and permanently healed. Her joy knew no bounds! Even though she had been a devout Methodist, she took my brother and me out of its Sunday School and enrolled us in the Christian Science Sunday School, and never looked back. To be raised without fear of getting sick was a blessing beyond price, I can tell anyone.
However, despite many wonderful proofs of God's healing power myself, I wanted to make this religion my own, and not just accept it because that's all I knew. I delved into other religious beliefs, reading much in the world-class Boston Public Library. I came to the conclusion that no other religion than Christian Science took things far enough with respect to really following in Christ's footsteps and doing all he commanded us to do. I'm thinking specifically of Jesus' "Heal the sick" which I do not take to mean, all of you study medicine and become doctors, but to heal the way he healed. I find that the teachings of Christian Science enable me, in a very modest way at this point, to carry out Christ's commands in full. Of course, I am just at the beginning in understanding what I believe he knew about God's laws and man's oneness with God, but I am certain Christian Science has the answer for me.

God richly supplies

(Written for a Christian Science friend in Poland
who's worried about income)

"Fear not, little flock;
for it is your Father's good
pleasure to give you the
kingdom", Jesus does assure.
(Luke 12:32)
Is not this promise for
money worries the cure?
For those of us who keep Him
closer than the problem;
on Him wholeheartedly rely,
the loving Father of all
does all needs supply.
God gives us the kingdom!
This surely includes all good.
Can we ask our Father for more?
Think about these words,
my friend. They cover you.
In fact, all Christian Science
reiterates of Jesus' teachings
are promises--let me repeat--
that apply, right now, to you.
Does this not make your spirits soar?

Who it is doing this blog

Have been praying about whether to identify myself as I have wanted to keep personality out of this activity, feeling that who does God's work not the important thing, only that it get done, that one goes all out for Christ. However, I do need to stand behind my words, so my name is Sharon Slaton Howell. I realize people in various parts of the world will recognize this name because of the voluminous writings done for The Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston, MA (USA) over the years, and for the past year plus, due to the many poems contributed to honor God's holy child. The man, who with his wife, started the site in 1994, is one of the most dedicated, humble, loving Christians I've been privileged to know, as are many of the friends I've made through this site.
While anyone reading this blog is free to have his or her say, I do not intend to argue about religion. To try to divest me of cherished spiritual convictions would be a total waste of someone's time, let me say right now. Christ's Christianity as made understandable/practical/provable to me through the God-inspired writings of Mary Baker Eddy is my greatest treasure.

Why I'm doing this blog

Ever since I discovered on-line a website devoted to saving Christian Scientists and leading them to a love for Christ Jesus! have had in mind to start a blog to put the record straight--at least from the viewpoint of this life-long, Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner who dearly loves our Lord and Master...as 3 books I've written and hundreds of poems to honor God's holy child attest. As I go along, will share insights, inspiration, poems, healings that I hope will show the world what the teachings of Jesus as given through Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy can and are doing for many others today. It will be sheer heaven to send out into cyberspace what God gives me to share. And when it is aflame, cannot be hosed down by someone else. I am on fire for Christ! Let me end this little entry with the words of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science herself. This is from her "Message to The Mother Church for 1901", page 28: "Sacred history shows that those who have followed exclusively Christ's teaching, have been scourged in the synogogues and persecuted from city to city. But this is no cause for not following it, and my only apology for trying to follow it is that I love Christ more than all the world..."